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Does the apple fall far from the tree?
20 replies
Jan 7, 2017
hunkalove · 61-69, M
Depends on how hard the wind is blowing.
curiosi · 56-60, F
There are always exceptions, but generally no.
SW User
with luck the apple is picked and flown across the country. unless we're talking metaphors here.
flimflam · M
Sometimes the apple recognises the tree for what it is and rejects it completely.
flimflam · M
Yes I suppose it can be. I'm in the UK so we are miserable and negative about everything anyway. Haha.

It comes from all the shit weather.
@flimflam: it all makes sense now 😉
flimflam · M
totalrandoman · 100+, M
Apples fall from apple trees. There is a limited radius from which they can fall. Unless the tree is on a very steep hill the apple will stay relatively close to the tree. If the hill is long the apple rolls far away from the tree.
@blackwhitejester: very good!! 👏
flimflam · M
@blackwhitejester: is that an illegitimate parenting metaphor? 😮
totalrandoman · 100+, M
No, just that things are not permanently what they seem.
goliathtree · 51-55, M
it usually falls off the tree because it is getting rotten.
Or because it is very windy.

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