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One, two, three, four, I declare a trade war. Five, six, seven, eight, try to make America great.
26-30, M
38 replies
Mar 7, 2018
AyDiosMio · 22-25, M
How do you feel about Trump?
I don't see anyone agreeing with you.
USAalltheway · 26-30, M
[@335640,softspokenman] That's because you're a liberal.
🤦 And some people think abortions should be illegal. [@411766,USAalltheway]
magical · 18-21, M
Trade war is not gonna end well for us 😒
and china is another great day
America has its imperfection just like everywhere else. But I still think it is the BEST DAMN COUNTRY on earth. Always was
A technique, by our Fearless Leader, to dismiss the concerns of the students, parents, and teachers, Ordinary Americans, that are protesting
frequentlyme · 70-79, M
Trump believes in chaos. This is another ploy to scatter more chaos, deflect from real concerns, and gain political points. Wake up and smell the roses, or in his case, the manure. He says he is a negotiator. He isn't, he is a thug and a bully, not to mention other less than complementary adjectives.
You are too kind. [@657416,frequentlyme]
The truth on trade. Weve been getting hosed for years. Trans shipping , tariffs , double dealings. We dont even manufacturer half of our own ordnance anymore. Its ridiculous. Now we finally speak up and suddenly were the bad guys. Smh
[@657416,frequentlyme] While I agree the manner in which he does certain things sometimes is that of a loose cannon , I think its high time for action. We cant keep sustainability with the bad deals being allowed to continue. In short. Its time for action
frequentlyme · 70-79, M
[@582038,FelixLegion] No disagreement there. It's long been time for action. Using the steel and aluminum industry is just plain bull. Basically, if you study it at all, we ahve zero capacity to increase steel production... we are more or less at max capacity now. It would take many, many years to increase that capability. On the other hand, his favorite target, China, sells almost no steel to us - hasn't in a long time. It's all B.S., all except the part where we need to deal with trade inequities.
[@657416,frequentlyme] On paper thats true. But in reality the Chicoms have been transfer shipping the goods to us for years. The Canadians have helped others get around the wood embargo , buying it from those countries cheap. Selling it to us high. And no. We cant increase productivity because most of our mills have been shutdown for years. Its really a sorry state of affairs.
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