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Did you see George W. Bush make that bullcrap speech today? Liberals like him are the ones destroying America.
26-30, M
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Oct 19, 2017
QUINN221 · 26-30, M
I gained new respect for GWB.
Dainbramadge · 51-55, M
Missed it but I am sure it was all crap.
LvChris · 36-40, M
They think that by not naming him directly, people won't realize how liberal the Bush's have always been. I think they should just use his name to show respect. Trump loves when people say his name, or write his name, or put it on buildings, or use it on TV.

[quote]With a name like Trump, it has to be good.[/quote]

He invented that slogan, ya know. I mean, maybe other people have said the words before, but it was really him that made it a thing.
Liberal? hahaha. Bush? Republican like him? Nah. You're smokin something.
Tminus6453 · 51-55, M
He's the LAST person that should be criticizing another president...especially Trump
katielass · F
[@27230,Tminus6453] Well, maybe not dead last but close. obozo would be last.
SW User
All sides are destroying America cause we all can't get along. If we helped each other out as much as we blamed each, we might actually have a decent place to live!
hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
Yes GWB is a globalist. I am not a globalist.
What do you expect from a monkey
"W" a liberal??
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