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I Got Something To Say

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Lemme say something.. and I wan't ya'll to listen up.

To every girl/woman out there who is looking for a man to ''accept'' her. Worries about her looks, worries if she is not ''good enough'' or ''pretty enough'' or to every man out there who has similar insecurities. Why do you think another person will accept you if you do not fully accept yourself?

Why do you think another persons love would be enough for you when you got little to no self love? or confidence?

Why is it you search for acceptance when you can't fully accept yourself as you are? when you look for approval from everybody else around you, you seek happiness that way? you want to be happy and be loved in return? what if you get it all? someone that loves you for who you are, your looks and everything? and then you feel accepted, fulfilled and happy when all that is just you building this in your mind.. waiting for somebody else to tell you what you are or how you should be.. and then one day.. something happens.. you split up.. you will lose that love.. then what? you will break again.. same old circles.. same old insecurities.. same old thinking..

If you do not love yourself, accept yourself just the way you are.. give yourself self love.. be confident.. then no other human can do that for you.. and if you find that another human can, then it would only be temporary.. stop kidding yourself and wake up.. don't wait for approval or acceptance from anybody.. don't seek for love from somebody else.. when you can't find that love within yourself!

Just my thoughts!
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Ohhh good it doesn't apply to me as Im looking for a woman.. i can continue worrying 馃槀馃槀馃槀
Applies whether you look for the same gender or the opposite!

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