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I Support Polyamory Relationships

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I don’t know what else to say either except Mon A’Mour is very very very Polyamorous out of Chicago where I’m heading it’s been 3 years of saving up to get closer to her. Her Primary and my Metamour is another girl. Lyssa & Shannon BTW.

They sometimes have other boys…There was no point at all in trying to talk about it in Right Wing circles because the thought that I could be happy this way would have been seen as unthinkable. I would have been marginalized and they would have basically decided for me against my will that I was emasculated or otherwise unhappy and basically decided for me that this was not what I angled for and was otherwise miserable.

To them the idea that somebody could be happily non monogamous is like in the realm of unthinkable and I realized at some point there was no point opening up to them because this Electoral Season has featured angry white guy after angry white guy blabbing on and on about “cucks” and the fact that I willfully assented to this…well.

I stayed on the Left Side for a reason.

I knew the Left wingers were the only ones that would receive my personal story with unbiased eyes after I saw all the shit being kicked up on that term.

What would the point of opening up and telling Breitbart or any of the Right Wing Blogs about my Love life or be?

I already know they would just try to delegitimize me and call me a Cuck.

The thought that I might want it this way or be Happy in my Situation is in the realm of unthinkable in their eyes.
31-35, TVIP
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I Support Polyamory Relationships
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