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what annoys you in the video game society?

what annoys me is gamer stereotypes... example if you chose a healer or tank or something and you're expected to do your thing...there are some gamers like me who like being defiant and have UNIQUE playstyles.

you don't bug other players to do what is expected of them...its annoying. if you want people to play the role then EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED... let others play Their Way at their own skill of uniqueness and unexpectedness

this message is for all those who blame a player for "not doing their job" right... stop blaming a mistake on the defiant players who want a unique non-conforming playstyle!!!
TheMindBoggled26-30, M
Rage quitters in fighting games, honestly. 馃槥
quinnVneck26-30, F
@TheMindBoggled: what i hate about darksouls though is...invaders... i don't blame them but i kill them instantly [even if they're "playing along"]
TheMindBoggled26-30, M
@quinnVneck: Oh yeah, same thing happens in Bloodborne. I know what you mean.
quinnVneck26-30, F
@billz270: i was on my way to defeat the 2 bosses in anor londo with knight solaire then an effin' invader came to my world and killed me...out of rage i rushed all the way to bosses and killed them in cold blood [while being hollow and ALONE] from that day on i hated every invader and killed them in cold blood even with insults after they died at my hands... to show how much i hate invaders [be it friend, or aquaintance]
I get what u mean. But as a healer for example, it'll be pointless if u try to play tanky or carry right??
Anyways u have a nice profile picture and an amazing rack.
quinnVneck26-30, F
i play high elf and i put all magic in skyrim... then i just dodge and heal thyself and companions
Oh. All this time i thought u were talking about world of warcraft.
Goralski51-55, M
D more you know
PlumBerries26-30, F
[c=#7700B2]that I'm not taken seriously as a gamer cause of my gender. It's cool that it's cool to be a female gamer now but that gets you questioned to being a poser a lot.. I will school whoever in whatever game lol [/c]
quinnVneck26-30, F
i don't give a crap about those bandwagoners who judge me as a gamer...they want to judge then they should all ride the bandwagon with their collective one brain and think like the sheeps they are...for i am an individual and so are you an individual
PlumBerries26-30, F
[c=#7700B2]i care a lot more then I should about others opinions of me especially when I'm questioned about things I enjoy doing, but you are right [/c]

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