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I started playing Bayonetta.
I think I may be addicted. The soundtrack is so good 馃槶馃槶馃槶
22-25, F
32 replies
Mar 4, 2018
SalemAshes22-25, M
Quite an oldy, that one.
Stardust51922-25, F
[@684827,SalemAshes] She flipped me the bird... And activated the motorcycle.
Bayonetta is great!
Stardust51922-25, F
[@689734,maryannspring] IT'S SO GOOD
Nerdygamingdude22-25, M
Bayonetta is great. I need to continue it on my switch. I have played and beaten both games on the wii u but I bought them again for the switch because why not.
Stardust51922-25, F
[@711771,justanobody] I'm stuck between Jojo and Darker Than Black.
Nerdygamingdude22-25, M
[@349845,TheFairy] Darker Than Black?
Stardust51922-25, F
[@711771,justanobody] It's really good. I would check it out
chasingMonday31-35, M
Cool games
Nerdygamingdude22-25, M
Bayonetta is amazing. You excited for Bayonetta 3?
Nerdygamingdude22-25, M
[@349845,Stardust519] It's ALWAYS time for Smash news :D . But who do you think it will be? If they show any new echo fighters my bets are on Shadow and maaaaybe Sephiroth. That would be cool even though Sephiroth can be his own character considering how different he and Cloud fight. As for brand new newcomers who aren't echo fighters, I feel like at the end or at the beginning will be a huuuuge reveal for Skull Kid or Geno. Either of those would be cool and there's lots of evidence to support the theories on Skull Kid being a new fighter and also for years now, people have also been wanting Geno. Also I really hope Viridi from Kid Icarus: Uprising makes her way into the game to be another great Kid Icarus representative. She would be great and we already have her level in the game, which is Reset Bomb Forest. So those are the 5 I really wanna see but I think they're gonna only show 1 or 2 new fighters and 1 of them will be an echo fighter and the rest of the characters will be shown off at the next Smash Direct which I predict will be held next month or November to drum up even more hype for the game as we draw closer and closer to it's release. Who do you wanna see get into Smash?
Stardust51922-25, F
[@711771,imjustanobody] Believe it or not, I'm actually hoping for Reimu from the Touhou Project as a possible Indie-game representitive. A girl can dream, though.
Nerdygamingdude22-25, M
[@349845,Stardust519] Idk who that even is but if that character is popular enough then maybe an assist trophy. I mean I really wanted Shovel Knight as a playable fighter but I guess him being an assist trophy is cool, too. Him being in THE game at all is cool. Same with Zero from the Mega Man X series. I would love if he was playable but I will take him as an assist trophy, too. Who are your chosen 5 seeing as there from what I heard are still 5 unannounced fighters? As I said, mine are Shadow, Skull Kid, Viridi, if we are counting Pokemon to represent Gen 7 then Incineroar who is heavily rumored to be announced as s fighter, and Geno. I used to really want Sylux from Metroid Prime: Hunters but seeing as we got Dark Samus, I don't see us getting another Metroid representative so soon. Rayman is another one I really used to want but I very much doubt it now despite Nintendo's close relationship with Ubisoft as of late.
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