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I'm gonna buy my son a new console for Christmas. What should I buy him PS4 or XBox One?
Please include pro's and cons for each system if you can to help me make a decision.
51-55, M
8 replies
Dec 15, 2017
Vakez · 18-21, C
Xbox One, way better community, controller, graphic abilities for your tv, games, so on so fourth, it's perfect
Bipolarbear · 18-21, M
Get the PS4. I really don't feel like typing a huge block of text. Basically the Xbox takes forever to download games, sometimes it won't read them so you have to restart it, the controllers die too fast, and it is all around an inferior machine to the ps4. I have an xbox one and i regret it
Franny ·
Honestly it would be safer just to ask your son which he prefers out of the two. Both of the consoles are good, it ultimately just falls to preference.
Obito · 26-30, M
Xbox One if he's a more immature social kid. PS4 is he's more a mature loner or less centered on the social aspect.

The new Xbox One X is superior to the PS4; the PS4 is superior to the Xbox One, in terms of graphics. Though, the gap between Xbox One X and the other two is a lot bigger than the gap between PS4 and Xbox One.

The Xbox One X can do 4k gaming. So, if he has a 4k T.V., Xbox One X is the only console that will really do it justice. If he doesn't have a 4k T.V., it's kind of a waste to get the new Xbox, imo. Well. It will last longer. And when he eventually gets a 4k T.V., he'll be ready.

If he had his heart set on the opposite of what you pick for him, you can always return it and get the other one, if it's necessary. Otherwise, the surprise could be pretty great.
SW User
[@437744,Obito] ps 4 pro can do 4K
Obito · 26-30, M
[@633568,Habostorta] Oh, I haven't even heard of PS4 Pro. But, looks like it's pretty far behind Xbone 1x, for 4k gaming. It relies on upscaling, and only hits 30 fps on a lot of 4k, less 4k capable games; whereas, the Xbox 1x has full native 4k and can easily downscale to sharper 1080p for higher performance.

They're both worse than any mid to high-range gaming PC, anyhow.
SW User
[@437744,Obito] yes,gaming pc will always lead the race..console gaming is getting just as expensive since add ons were introduced . For 70 bucks,you buy a pathetic frame of a game,then you spend another 50 if you want to play it..
SW User
It really depends on what his friends are playing on
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