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I Am Christian (roman Catholic)

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I grew up a Baptist, dabbling in other religions over my lifetime. Back in 2005 I finished college at St Leo University. Because it's a Catholic college I had to take one class on religion. I took Catholic Tradition. It was four hours on a Saturday afternoon. Right after having lunch. Our instructor was somewhat dry. Didn't use the chalkboard or slides. She got up and talked. Half the time we were studying the Nicene Creed. Found out my religious revelation had almost everything in common with Catholicism. For the first time in my live I seriously considered the possible legitimacy of the Catholic Church.

Graduated in 2006. And for about 7 years I had to put Roman Catholicism aside. Got separated in 2013. Divorced the following year. I immediately started dating and shacked up with a Catholic girl. (But we were living in sin, so she wasn't a very good Catholic.) I went to Mass with her Easter 2014 and then I seriously considered going Catholic. Started RCIA in 2015. Girlfriend and I broke up, so I moved to a new town. Restarted RCIA last year. Getting confirmed as Easter 2017.

Why am I going Roman Catholic? From 2006 to 2013 I'm trying to go to Baptist church and getting nothing out of it. They had kids programs. But the Baptist church's teachings left me feeling hungry. Feeling empty. When communion Sundays came around once every 3 or 4 months, I did not participate. After all, it's only a symbol, so why bother?

Looking around there's so many protestant denominations. I heard a statistic that said there's about 40,000 different protestant denominations. They all have two things in common:

1. Each and every protestant denomination claims to hold the truth.

2. Each and every protestant denomination are based upon a claim that the Catholic Church at some point in history went apostate.

So I'm caught in the middle of all this. without a real sense of what church to believe in. So where does that leave me? If each one claims to hold the truth, they can't be right about everything. So I have to question everything they say. This includes the claim that the Catholic Church at some point in history went apostate.

Did they really go apostate? I can't find any evidence of that. All I can see is evidence of schisms and splits away from the Catholic Church.

So if the Catholic Church didn't go apostate, then I have no choice except to believe in the Magisterium (Teaching Authority) of the Catholic Church.

The journey home to the Catholic Church has been an adventure, to say the least.

And I'm only beginning...
46-50, M
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Feb 19, 2017
questionWeaver · 56-60, M
May God join you on your journey
No matter what you do where you choose to go.It is your relationship with God that should matter to you.Blessings on your journey.
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faith2hope4love · 51-55, F
You have been on a life long journey searching for something that will give your life meaning and purpose.

I think you forgot the most important thing...having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That is where you will find the real meaning and purpose to life.
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I Am Christian (roman Catholic)
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