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made 2 phone calls already this morning. what is this BS please leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Sara needs air and she needs it now. I want service
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[@435994,MightyAphrodite] this is not funny. I don't do heat real well
Ugh I feel your pain. I have no AC in my living room and it is entirely too hot to live that way.
[@917533,saragoodtimes] if nobody is getting back to you to fix it you should take yourself out shopping and to lunch to escape the heat.
[@334441,summersong] somebody has to be here to take their calls. at least I have the pool
[@917533,saragoodtimes] pool time!
It's their busy time of year for sure. I'll usually call at least three and sometimes more until I reach someone.
Luckily for me, all my stuff is pretty new and I have a good friend in the A/C, heating business.
[@113373,TexChik] went to home depot just to look and be cool. 3 months from the time you sign the contract. maybe I should move back in with Mom and Dad
[@917533,saragoodtimes] seriously ? No HVAC companies out there?
[@113373,TexChik] have called 5 2 have gotten back to me waiting on the others. carrier can do it in july if the unit we choose is available. York not until September. called Martin appliances they have an 18000 BTU window unit that will cool the first floor for around $900 it needs a 220 outlet though. even Alan hasn't gotten back to me yet.
Virgo7956-60, M

Virgo7956-60, M
[@917533,saragoodtimes] I dont know but if it's that hot there I'd go shopping or something where theres air.
Just a thought.
Or the pool馃檪
[@349935,Virgo79] have to wait for a call back. once I know what's happening I can go shopping.
Virgo7956-60, M
[@917533,saragoodtimes] what will you buy me馃榿
This is a consequence of pandemic... most of the service sector seem to have become like this..

Yes ma'am bringing my feather fan..

[@1067,Soossie] I'll have lemonade and iced tea waiting for you

Lackwittyname46-50, M
This is their busy time. I read one of your comments that it is 20 years old. Is it a window unit or for the whole house? If a window unit just get a new one, if the whole house, you are going to be weeks without it as they will be booked and have to schedule an appointment, in which case I would go buy a window unit today. Or open all the windows and hang wet towels in front of them, that's the old school way
Lackwittyname46-50, M
[@917533,saragoodtimes] That is why I say, maybe go buy a window unit until the other one can be repaired or more likely replaced if it is 20 years old.
[@917533,saragoodtimes] And even more bad news is that if the unit needs replaced.... not only is it VERY BIG BUCKS....but there is an industry-wide shortage of new units right now and it is very hard to find a unit at a decent price. Blame the computer chip shortage......
[@31253,Threepio] you're not helping the situation. money isn't the question I'll pay whatever it takes
I'm afraid I can't help you with a tip that hasn't been given yet, but I know how you feel. I can't stand heat either and I quickly get an oppressive feeling in warm rooms, no matter how big they are. I remember one terribly hot summer where I lived in a barely insulated attic apartment and the only room where was somewhat bearable in was the small, windowless bathroom, so I slept and lived there most of the time. It was literally hell and I don't know how I got through it, but I did and longed for fall every second.

I hope you will get help fast and get more comfortable quickly.
LunarOrbit56-60, M
Does the unit run?

Is there air blowing out your registers?

Is there a buzzing sound coming from the unit?

Can you feel the high and low pressure refrigerant lines on the unit?
[@488176,LunarOrbit] only for those few minutes when the unit kicks on
LunarOrbit56-60, M
[@917533,saragoodtimes] Sounds like compressor motor is at end of life. Whole unit will likely need to be replaced. :(
[@488176,LunarOrbit] think he got his moneys worth out of it
Darkskiescoming46-50, M
Mine went out last year and it was about the same age as yours. It was the motor and took about a week to get it repaired. You might consider a home protection plan, they have have to response in a certain amount of time and is good investment. Hang in there, it will get better.
SageWanderer70-79, M
One of the issues with an early heat wave is that the HVAC people get overwhelmed with calls. And the strain on an older unit with this kind of weather. I just had to replace my whole system as the furnace went out with the last cold spell. $9K later at least the new A/C unit cools better than the old one. Good luck!
[@516380,SageWanderer] I just want to talk to a real person when I call someone for a consultation
SageWanderer70-79, M
[@917533,saragoodtimes] When I called the woman said a tech will call you in a half hour to 45 minutes. Twenty minutes later a guy knocked on the door. Maybe small towns have their advantages.
AnthroKenji31-35, M
Not getting service til Thursdays here 馃槴
[@1132763,AnthroKenji] carrier just called back. says it sounds like the unit is finished. he can get a new one around the end of July 馃槩
AnthroKenji31-35, M
[@917533,saragoodtimes] ugh!!! Ugh!!! I鈥檓 sorry. I mean that鈥檚 shit and it鈥檚 just supposed to get hotter.
Hmmm . Probably a condenser I鈥檓 sure your unit is newish
JesseInTX46-50, M
Replaced mine after the flood. Worth every bit of the 10k I spent. Maybe someone can do a temporary fix while you鈥檙e waiting on a new unit.
JesseInTX46-50, M
[@917533,saragoodtimes] ughh. I can鈥檛 imagine waiting that long
[@543602,JesseInTX] I'm not the most patient person in the world
JesseInTX46-50, M
[@917533,saragoodtimes] I鈥檓 sorry you鈥檙e having to deal with that. Can鈥檛 imagine life without A/C
Degbeme61-69, M
馃槺 Oh no!! They need to get on that and now!!
Degbeme61-69, M
[@917533,saragoodtimes] You might want to rephrase that. 馃榿 I`ll bring you a
[@72117,Degbeme] a fan and lemonade will help
Degbeme61-69, M
[@917533,saragoodtimes] Use that pool as much as you can. 馃
Did you call the 1 hour repair number?
[@6757,questionWeaver] nobody here does anything in an hour.
Jake96651-55, M
DeluxedEdition22-25, F
This is weird because the other day someone said say a sad story in three words and you said 鈥渁c quit鈥 馃槓
WindTherapy51-55, M
Yeah this heat wave will put a stress on techs and unit availability. Mine died at the end of last season (it's also ~20+ years old and uses the old type refrigerant) and needs replaced. Thankfully I live out in the country so while it's warm in the house it does cool down in the evenings and fans help.
Iamonfire66631-35, F
I don鈥檛 blame you!!! I would be cranky pants too! I hope you can get it replaced quickly.
So let me get this straight .. you need someone to service your unit .. because you're hot and moist ?
Degbeme61-69, M
Any word on that getting fixed for you? 馃
[@113373,TexChik] he didn't even look at me. just asked me to turn the air on. on bang when it tried to start and he knew it was shot
Degbeme61-69, M
[@917533,saragoodtimes] That is even better. I hope his dad is doing better. 馃槉
[@72117,Degbeme] I didn't ask him. we'll talk when he spends more time while replacing the unit
vetguy199146-50, M
That sucks
[@9520,vetguy1991] the heat broke last night with the rain. 69 degrees this morning it's very comfortable in here now
Degbeme61-69, M
Is he there today fixing that? 馃
[@72117,Degbeme] as long as I always have that effect on him I'll be happy
Degbeme61-69, M
[@917533,saragoodtimes] Oh you will my dear sweet Sara. 馃挅
[@72117,Degbeme] I hope so
cherokeepatti61-69, F
Yikes I hope they can fix it instead of having to replace the whole thing.
Coldplay56-60, M
Been there done that!!!!!

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