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Anyone else continually find it hard to believe that flat earthers aren't just fucking with us?

This is the view from the international space station as it passes over africa. Is this a hoax/conspiracy or are we looking at the flat disc of the earth?
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SW User
But how do ya know that that picture is real?
SW User
[@508380,Celine] That's exactly what they're doing though.
Celine · 22-25, F

But to what end?
Graciebaby · F
[@479586,DeineMutter] you don't, you not sposed to question,listen n learn,lol.
SW User
Cgi is amazing these days!
Celine · 22-25, F

SW User
[@508380,Celine] personally I think if you believe the earth is flat youre bat shit crazy!
Celine · 22-25, F

I don't know about crazy but it certainly seems to require a willingness to accept some crazy theories.
RoboChloe · 22-25, F
They'll just say it's fake. Special effects, photoshop, whatever.

You could take them out into orbit and show them the Earth through a window, and they'd say the window is a screen.

You can't beat them. Just ignore them, and hope that they don't procreate.
Graciebaby · F
[@319069,RoboChloe] too late 😉
Celine · 22-25, F

Well i suppose you're right. One way or another, you're believing something untrue
RoboChloe · 22-25, F
[@86955,Graciebaby] What do you mean?
HaHLoBravado · 31-35, M
All of our global or national "space cams" have an optical bend like the fishbowl feature on any modern photo editing app..

You're never really viewing the true images of space or in this case, earth. Not a flat-earther per se but my eyes are open.
HaHLoBravado · 31-35, M
[@86955,Graciebaby] However you like lol

I know what I know.
Graciebaby · F
Halo, threatened me again, WTF does he think I know how to remain a human bein whilst his mo key faced boys walked in.
Graciebaby · F
IDGAF What u do, jus don't piss me off. She's Mangled hos u go s get her home.
blackcar · 26-30, M
I believe it’s flat. The Bible points to a flat earth. This picture is fake.
blackcar · 26-30, M
[@394395,satanburger] Negatory. The Bible is the truth
CULTure · 31-35, F
[@567763,Shiwaduwadu] So in other words don't base our information from only one source unless it's your source, the bible. Got you. Still counter productive and does nothing to lend credence of your claims.
blackcar · 26-30, M
[@394395,satanburger] Thanks for your opinion
The earth is an oblate spheroid. That's what it looks like from space. If earth was a disk then at that angle there would be no curve. It would be truly flat.
Celine · 22-25, F

Well exactly. I suppose one could say that it was a disc if the space station stayed in one place, but it keeps moving and we keep seeing the curve
english · 51-55, M
ponder this,up until the 15th century everyone agreed the world was flat ,that includes the greeks ,the Romans ,all those great minds ,the bible. I stopped watching mainstream news 10 years ago. If you really are interested ,in whats the truth check out this documentry called hellstorm make sure you have a stiff drink nearby with a box of tissues . xx
MethDozer · M
[@644861,english] Incorrect. The round Earth was proven by mathematics IN ancient Greece. Flat Earth was not a common conception in the 15th century. It's a myth they did based on a mocking joke against the Catholic Church.
Graciebaby · F
[@644861,english] seen it, it's heartbreaking. But is this planet flat?
CULTure · 31-35, F
[@508380,Celine] Not to mention that if anyone else proposed any difference of viewpoints they tended to get burned. It's not that there wasn't any difference of opinion, it's that now they can't legally put anyone to death for it in America at least lol.
Graciebaby · F
I'm a graphic scanner operator and Retoucher. I run a state of the art company in London.

It's all just smoke n mirror to trick the eye and the brain.

We are spinning at 93,000,000 miles n hour, u getting giddy yet?
With Newton's Law of motion (a Freemason also) states that for every action creates a reaction.

I you bounce on your bed and leap, you should according to "Freemason science" crashing into the wall.
If your outside, we will see your much later in hospital.

Get in touch wiv yourself and don't dismiss the fukkin obvious.

They tell us lies to deceive us.
Listen to their BS Ifya like.
Graciebaby · F
[@508380,Celine] The best question.
Hmmmm that's tricky.
Do you believe that there is a government behind the government that goes back forever?
If u were to control the ignorant people of just how insignificant you are in the scene of things.

That we art even specs on the universe.
Have you ever read of just who corpenious was, the man who took the flat earth map and wrapped around a beach ball.

Prove it's round, you won't be able to.
That's where I started.

Instead, facts are best.
There's proof an I'm not typing it all to you.
Go look yourself to prove that your teaching are bang on. N I'm a fool.
Celine · 22-25, F


How would being a disc in space be any different than a sphere in space in terms of feeling insignificant?

How would feeling insignificant in the universe help this shadowy cabal?

[quote]Prove it's round, you won't be able to.[/quote]

Well no. Not if you're going to reject any proof presented as conspiracy.

Ask copper cicada about proof. I dare you.
CULTure · 31-35, F
[@86955,Graciebaby] So you're saying we should trust you because you're a graphic scanner operator, but not scientists? How does this work?
SW User
If the earth was flat nothing and I mean nothing would work or exist! No life no mobiles fk all. Acknowledging even the faintest open mindedness to this idea is irrational, illogical and proof you are a Looney tune!
SW User
[@43775,HaHLoBravado] lol! Meh!
HaHLoBravado · 31-35, M
SW User
[@43775,HaHLoBravado] 😁
Graciebaby · F
If the earth was a ball and all the space stats, why has there never been live feed 168 hrs a week.
They can do it with everything else, even fukkin big brother bollix.
PennyHenny · F
[@508380,Celine] Respect is earned. Starting from a place that tries to normalize or justify perverts doesn't get my respect.
Celine · 22-25, F

lol you're just making my point for me.

Dig that hole!😂
PennyHenny · F
[@508380,Celine] lol you're obsessed with trannys
SW User
I can't believe anyone thinks the world is flat in 2018, it boggles my fucking mind
[@16520,crossproduct] Here, here.
MethDozer · M
[@16520,crossproduct] People didn't even believe it in the 14th century. The whole "earth is flat" thing was a joke made by scientist during the Enlightment to mock the Church. It wasn't an actual held belief that was common, taught, or popular.
CULTure · 31-35, F
[@521796,MethDozer] Oh wow now that's something I didn't know before but I'm not surprised, people believe satire even if they know it's satire. Something with the brain? I don't know. I'm sure there's some psychological aspect *scratches head.*

A guy made a website with a bunch of hoax news stories and said at the bottom of the news stories that this was a hoax. All of those news stories spread like wildfire as truth.

Robert Anton Wilson did something similar with the Illuminati called Operation Mindfuck. They even accused each other of being in the Illuminati and invaded a bunch of the media outlets as well as various sets of political forums. Even classified AD'S in the newspaper.

Conspiracy done right? lol.

[quote]It wasn’t always easy to tell where Operation Mindfuck ended and sincere paranoia began. “The Discordian revelations seem to have pressed a magick button,” Wilson later wrote. “New exposés of the Illuminati began to appear everywhere, in journals ranging from the extreme Right to the ultra-Left. Some of this was definitely not coming from us Discordians.” Not that it was always clear who “us Discordians” were either. Though some of the Berkeley Illuminati were acquainted with Thornley, they had independently invented the joke of posing as an ancient conspiracy. [/quote]

[quote]So they sent a letter on Bavarian Illuminati stationery to the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade, just to confirm that “we’ve taken over the Rock Music business. But you’re still so naïve. We took over the business in the 1800s. Beethoven was our first convert.” Robert Welch of the John Birch Society got a letter informing him that Gary Allen was an Illuminati agent. When a New Orleans jury refused to convict one of the men Jim Garrison blamed for the JFK killing, Garrison’s booster Art Kunkin of the leftist Los Angeles Free Press received a missive from the “Order of the Phoenix Angel” revealing that the jurors were all members of the Illuminati. The telltale sign, the letter explained, was that none of them had a left nipple.[/quote]
CopperCicada · 51-55, M
I'm trained as a physicist, and I tell the flat earth peeps exactly what I tell my students. I'm open to a give and take. I'll give you that the earth is flat if you give me certain things in return.

Orbital mechanics of a spheroidal earth orbited by a spheroidal moon both orbiting a spheroidal sun gives me:

* Axial Precession. The periodic change in the direction of the earth's axis.
* Nutation. Small wobbling about of the above.
* Libration. Orbital oscillations between the sun-earth and moon-earth.
* Tidal locking. How and why (mostly) only one side of the moon faces earth.

None of this is based on pictures from space. It's all based on careful observations of heavenly bodies. Things wiggling and wobbling about in strange ways. None of it is new. Axial precession goes back to Hipparchus of Samos in the 3rd century BC. Nutation and libration to the 18th century.

So, OK. I'll give the flat earth peeps a flat static earth.

They need to give me how all these things wiggle and wobble about. Actually every object in space.
Graciebaby · F
[@482591,CopperCicada] Why wouldn't the flat planet wiggle n wobble.
Dare I say you are studying 3D global wobble wiggle stuff, could u be barking up the wrong trees for too many years.
I'm Coperernious I say it round.
Then let's have some scientific proof.
You can't, cos there's no evidence, but there is for the total lack of any (a new word perhaps) coriolis effect.
Bedford mile
Suiz Canal
Panama Canal
Just a few ideas.

Tell me they incorporated it's effect please.
CopperCicada · 51-55, M
[@86955,Graciebaby] As for gravity more generally, two bodies feel a force of attraction based on their masses. The apple falling from the tree, a cannon ball out of a cannon, or the earth around the sun are all governed by that same principle.

That much we know and is very well proven and tested.

The part of it that is not understood is how that gets integrated with other aspects of physics. That seems to be a mystery at this point.
CopperCicada · 51-55, M
[@86955,Graciebaby] I'm not following.

You certainly could come up with a model of a flat earth and explain the motions of everything that is observed in the skies. But you'd end up with a few problems.

One is that it would be more complicated than the formulation of round bodies orbiting each other. It would also be hard to interpret that model into fundamental principles.

Another is that it would lose some predictive capability. It would be harder to explain such things as the trajectories of missiles and satellites.

And if one started to look at other orbital motions using telescopes, like binary stars, exoplanets, one would then have a hard time explaining the dynamics of one's flat earth to them. One's model is not generalized.

... and then there are other more direct problems that I'm actually setting aside.

I have no interest in convincing you that the earth isn't flat. I don't teach that way.
Graciebaby · F
Ifya care go study the CGI you will see, step n repeat, cloning, flopping and inverting. I can see what BS it is, you obviously can't, put a lil warp in it n Roberts yer fathers uncle. FAKE FAKE FAKE, you just want to believe because u can't compute that your reality is all BS.
We live on a plate wiv ice all the way round.

Look at the UN flag (a Rothschilds formed organisation)
and it even tells you the world is flat and that's the reason we aren't allowed to go to Antarctica because we would find that out the lies and confusion they have made us believe.

The icd goes all the way round just like the loreal leaf on their flag.

Wake up, feeding u BS.
Celine · 22-25, F

lol good one
Graciebaby · F
[@508380,Celine] I doubt if you will ever find anything out.

Remember these words. You know nothing of life the universe or anything really other than what has been driven in your pubescent head.

Carry on like that on rails thinking what your taught.

Sweetheart you have a massive awakening cumin and you won't have a clue where that came from.
Open your eyes and brains, think for yourself an see the deception of your shallow education.
CULTure · 31-35, F
I wish they were just fucking with us but I think their serious. They have a lot of denial going on there, they are a lot like Holocaust deniers to a certain extent. Some say the moon landing was faked for instance.

The moon landing would be more expensive to fake than actually going to the moon itself.

Graciebaby · F
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Quote# 111395

The Heliocentric Hoax

About four hundred years ago a great debate challenged the Catholic world and it has still not recovered from the crushing blow of heliocentrism. Aside from the intrigues of the Judeo-Masonic Conspiracy, Nicholaus Copernicus (1473-1543), Galileo Galilei (1564-1642), and Albert Einstein (1879-1955) are three of the most prominent architects of this New Age hoax.

Copernicus, who taught the theory that the earth both rotates on its axis once a day and revolves around the sun once a year, rejuvenated this ancient Babylonian myth call heliocentrism. This re-hashing of the error of Aristarchus(1) was actually nurtured by astrology for generations, and most scholars acknowledge that those who embraced this deception after the death of Christ were Bible-hating pagans. During the Life of Copernicus this novelty was sustained via the network of Freemasonry. This satanic craft, shrouded in symbolic sophistry, has as its main objective the destruction of Christ’s Church (Truth).

The renowned Catholic historian, William Thomas Walsh, in his bibliography, Philip II, examines an unfinished article from that period entitled The New Atlantis. This work, by the revolutionist Francis Bacon, was a veiled description of the Freemason machinery as it operated in Europe around the 1500’s and is claimed by modern Masons to be their own. Bacon’s piece acknowledges that subversive "members of the order control medicine, science, astrology . . ."(2) Even today, according to the revisionist historian Ralph Epperson, Masonry claims the sun as their symbol!

It was not, however, until Galileo that heliocentrism was used to subvert the Roman Catholic world view (geocentrism). Solange Hertz, a contemporary Catholic historian, reveals that Galileo, usually in need of money, "was easily inspired and financed by the group of revolutionary spirits who clustered about Cosimo de Medici II in Florence."(3) Perhaps because of their influence, Galileo lied to the Church and College of Cardinals and resumed teaching the theory as a fact. He, "the wrangler", had a tendency to mock his opponents and to overstate his case.(4) God’s Providence, it seems, arranged a Saint and Doctor of the Church, Cardinal Robert Bellarmine, S.J., the Master of Controversial Questions, to refute the Galileo heresy. Despite Bellarmine’s impeccable refutation, the lack of viable proofs submitted by Galileo, and the failure of modern science to verify heliocentrism, Galileo has become the "light" and "Father of Modern Science", while the Church, our Mother, appears "dark" and defunct.

Modern science texts to this day, dominated by secular humanists, state that Galileo proved the Copernican sun-centered theory. The fact is, he proved nothing. Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859), who sought to formulate the known facts about the universe into a uniform conception of nature in his Cosmos (5 Vols, 1845-1862), said quite candidly: "I have already known for a long time that we have no proof for the system of Copernicus . . .but I do not dare to be the first one to attack it."

Bernard Cohen in Birth of a New Physics, 1960, concurs: "There is no planetary observation by which we on earth can prove the earth is moving in an orbit around the sun."...


[link to]

Nicolaus Copernicus was a Freemason who is held in high regard for creating the the Heliocentric Hoax which was further perpetrated by another freemason Icon, Galileo Galilei.

Lodge Copernicus - 246 was Consecrated in 30th Apr 2011 to honor him.

The Book of Enoch contains the truth about the geocentric Earth and it's relation to the sun and moon.

Copernicus was a Fraud, Godlike Productions 9 Comments [8/2/2015 5:06:17 AM]
Fundie Index: 6
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Talk about flogging a dead horse.

8/2/2015 5:15:32 AM
Spamming Tanks

Does he think the moon landing was a hoax?

I bet he does! :D

8/2/2015 5:54:46 AM

...and THIS, folks, is why the bible is not used in science classes! Moving right along....

8/2/2015 8:06:52 AM

Freemasons also founded America. So why do you hate America?

I wouldn't trust Alexander von Humboldt's thoughts on heliocentrism any more than I would trust Jason Lisle's thoughts on evolution. Humboldt wasn't an astronomer, after all.

8/2/2015 9:35:09 AM

So explain the movements of the planets, if geocentric were true, we'd see them progress in ellipses around the planet.

What is observed however is that the planets when viewed from earth have loops, which is exactly what you'd expect from objects that are orbiting concentrically.

Now its interesting to note that heliocentric isn't exactly true. The true center of the orbits of our solar system would be the collected center of mass of all objects in the solar system. This center of mass is very close to the center of the sun, but is offset by the mass of the planets (mostly Jupiter). Its so close that for all intents and purposes outside of sensitive measurements, you'd be perfectly fine saying that the Sun is the center of the solar system.

8/2/2015 10:56:00 AM
Doubting Thomas

Bernard Cohen in Birth of a New Physics, 1960, concurs

I smell quote mining. Please give us the rest of the quote.

And nice that you can't find a source newer than 1960 which even remotely agrees with you, even if it is a quote mine.

8/3/2015 9:34:12 AM

I wonder if the OP also believes in a flat earth?

Or the firmament of water above?

8/4/2015 5:18:39 PM

Both alleged quotes can be found only on crank sites.

3/4/2016 3:52:26 AM

I bet if the Bible said that he could drink poison and not die from it, he'd believe that, too, wait a minute or does say that, in Mark 16:16, so why doesn't he do it? Is is faith not strong enough? Or does even he, at some level, understand that his belief system is just as bad as the one he criticises?

3/4/2016 6:36:21 PM
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CopperCicada · 51-55, M
[@86955,Graciebaby] If I were to give you a theory-- could be that the earth is the center of the universe or that it's flat... or the contrary-- whether you reject it or accept it really has little significance unless you do the math and go through the experimental evidence yourself. Unless you do that then you're just following your confirmation bias, following what you already believe. Whether Copernicus was a Freemason or not, or Galileo was trying to subvert the Church-- is really irrelevant. People can see for themselves. Do the math and experiments themselves.
Graciebaby · F
Your unable to understand the relevence of anapostrophe, so please don't tell me about Mathematics, or Math's as it's expressed everywhere in the world eccept in your town.

Your hypothesis based on your calculations seem just as flaky. The lack of "coriolis effect" has been ignored by you repeatedly and the rest of the your psydo babble.

If we live on a ball why has there never been allowance by all the design engineers to never ever make allowance for it.

Your arguments are nonsense and you have no validity wiv your stupid wobble,lol.
CopperCicada · 51-55, M
[@86955,Graciebaby] Sorry. Didn't mean to ignore anything. I just don't know what you're talking about.

I don't understand how the Coriolis effect is being ignored by anyone. It's routinely taken account of in long-range ballistics-- over 100 years in fact.

I have no idea what anapostrophe is.

Be well.
CopperCicada · 51-55, M
If it's a conspiracy it goes back to Pythagoras and Aristarchus. And then later Indian, Arabic, and Persian astronomy as well as European astronomy.
Graciebaby · F
Don't you think that wiv all the billions spent on the tin box they would have remote cameras outside.

Or have they done it this way because it proves to the naive and the fukkin stupid that the pic was taken inside the "Spacestation" out in space?????

Logically thinking, couldn't this piece of theatre be a large heEP of crap?

CopperCicada · 51-55, M
[@394395,satanburger] Those who speak of our "truth origins" are speaking of a Biblical narrative. They claim that passages like Isiah 40:22 which speak of God sitting above the circle of the earth as teaching the earth is a flat disk. Strangely, other fundamentalists use the same passage (and others) to show the earth is a sphere to show the Bible agrees with science and is thus correct. Turns out the Biblical Hebrew word for "circle" also means "sphere".

The mind control people-- I think they speak to a disease in our society. We don't value intelligence and education. It's the same as mind control to these cranks. Somehow we've come to a point where a couple of YouTube videos with some cool graphics and diagrams is equivalent to Lagrangian and Hamiltonian classical mechanics and the celestial mechanics and rigid body motion that come out of it. Sort of mind blowing.
Pherick · 36-40, M
[@482591,CopperCicada] The fact that when these people need to "prove" things they always resort to youtube videos just kills me.

I need one of them to point me to a physics textbook, just once!!!
SW User
[@482591,CopperCicada] if you ever wanted a primo example of the Dunning-Kruger effect, here it is. I weep for science literacy.
CULTure · 31-35, F
CULTure · 31-35, F
On another note taken from the Space Station here's what a volcano eruption looks like from space. It's actually kind of pretty. Enjoy :)

jackson55 · M
Look up the flat earth society, they truly believe the earth is flat. Not going to convince them otherwise.
Tukudo · 36-40, M
Just use your natural intelligence to think, when something revolves, its shape becomes round like a ball,then how it is flat disk?😀

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