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How do you cope with the over sanctimonious types on EP?
I find their overly sensitive PC bullshit a bit like a wet blanket sometimes!
41-45, F
19 replies
Nov 12, 2017
AlphaCuck · 46-50, M Best Answer
It helps to be dismissive of their opinions with the use of humour.
AlphaCuck · 46-50, M
[@403617,AlphaCuck] Thanks for BA! Yeah, showing them how ridiculous their point of view is through sarcasm is IMO, the best way. It shows that you've put yourself in their shoes and can't help but realise how stupid they are. With any luck, they'll realise that you're smarter than them and they'll thank you for taking the time to open their mind.
Mikemcneil · 56-60, M
[@403617,AlphaCuck] then you are giving them the attention they crave. I find it best not to engage.
SW User
I ignore them. Well said!
Mikemcneil · 56-60, M
The mute button is your friend.
GypsyMiss · 41-45, F
[@628202,Mikemcneil] I agree the mute button is great, it means you don't see their posts in your feed, but you DO see their replies in other people's posts. It's a mindset I can't get my head around. What causes these people to constantly correct others and throw objection over what was obviously something light hearted? Arrrrghhh it seems crazy to block someone for being self righteous!
Mikemcneil · 56-60, M
It's attention seeking pure and simple. They have sad lonely unfulfilling lives. Try blocking instead and then you will see no posts replies or comments.
WildHeart · 41-45, F
I ignore completely
Meh, I’m probably one of them. But when I find someone too tiresome or nasty, and there’s no entertainment value, I mute or block.
WildHeart · 41-45, F
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] I don't think you fall under that category, I find your input rather honest and straightforward. Just my opinion.
[@86347,WildHeart] Thank you. I appreciate that. 🙂
blendednotshaken · 46-50, M
It's best to administer a stern dressing down, wagging finger & all. Then shortly attend to another.
GypsyMiss · 41-45, F
[@419660,blendednotshaken] pot, kettle, black? 🤔
If it gets really bad I reach for the block button 🙄
GypsyMiss · 41-45, F
[@18983,EarthlingWise] oh dear...old habits die hard! Please exchange EP with SW 😊
This isnt EP its SW
Moonpenny · F
Just avoid

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