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You should be prepare for the chapter of this generation to come to an end for all of us.

This is a s drawing I put together. I made sure I pray and read the schriptures that would explain clearly.


I decided not to shade because if it looks better? It makes no sense when it comes to images that would attract attantions. Just this one

It seems like I already done most of research but it can't explain details what is going on but to match the description between the bible and our time. Seems like the chapters pretty much repeats itself. We gone through ages of Trojan horses. But this one horse is white.

Standing in the forest of confusion. This horse will promise to make every religions into one peace of the earth against Christ. The mystories of this men himself is Satan himself. Who will be let out in little seasons. The secret weapen the religion of peace but This is why people will Descibe Jesus riding a horse instead. The Hero and King. God of Earth :( the earthly bibles without the the word of God and the living truth.

Analogy will be wiped out from earth because without it, will be impossible to understand who God.

This is our last Chapture. What God expects us to do while Trump is president, to make America Greate again? what about the next so & so?

Well since its already been fulfilled, God expects us to look up! Some of us already seen the signs what is happening and it's good to know. But we shouldn't be carried away from God's signs. Elects or whatever. God still wants you to focus on Christ. The bible we still have!

The living word of God day be day. So stay with Christ and have God guide you from the living word.

Because the Final test is this.

There's Jesus sitting on a Donkey and there s Jesus sitting on a white Trojan horse or, The white horse will direct you to Jesus in the forest.

Choose wisely! the Illomati will form soon! Please pray to God" that one day when it comes, ask for Guidance and the heavens will Guide you but not from this world that will lock and load soon.

Because even God's Elect! Will be Decieved by Satan himself.

So please be ready soon! It's not that far away as we speak. The repentance is still there. The living word and salvation is still there. Amem
31-35, M
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sighmeupforthat · 41-45, M
what is it with you freaks and the end of the world?

and satan is an effect of xtianity dear. please keep that garbage to yourself.

tired of the hate, tired of the murderous nonsense you all preach.
totalrandoman · 100+, M
But don't you entertain the ideas of people who think the opposite of you? To investigate all ends of arguments leads to the truth, but to just ignore things is the cornerstone of ignorance. I would not want to exist on this Earth again. It is a trap. There is a bigger reality which this world prevents us from contemplating. Don't think I agree with the bible. Though I do believe in the investigation of matters dealing with the soul.
MartinTheFirst · 22-25, M
@blackwhitejester: I agree with your beliefs over not leaving things taken for granted :)
totalrandoman · 100+, M
I am sympathetic towards christians because I think we share the belief that the universe is at least infinite, that there is more to us than just our flesh and blood, and that there is more to death than just a total cessation of existence. I cannot agree with the direction the world is heading in, I think it is doomed, meaning it cannot last forever. And anything which cannot last forever is doomed. I don't think the world will end like people think, but I don't believe it can last either. I think it will be a long time before the world comes to an end. Honestly I think we are just too stupid to exist as an eternal society.
MartinTheFirst · 22-25, M
Your way of talking is highly cryptic, even though I have myself researched the matter you're talking about... Do you truly fully understand it yourself? Do you just go on "feelings" or do you make sure to understand the scriptures and our situation? or are you deliberately trying to sound confusing?
totalrandoman · 100+, M
You have a peculiar mind, yet a strain of thought which can be found in the natural world, revolving around the bible and the antichrist. I always enjoy seeing these kinds of thoughts, though I differ in opinion. I do think there is the possibility of an organization of intellectuals trying to direct the people towards a communistic society, where we rely on machines and inforgraphics to track and monitor people. But what are their aims and ends for the human race? I don't know that such an organization exists, let alone what their aims for humanity would be. I already know what this world is. It is a trap for souls.

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