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The moment it all becomes clear...
[quote]Rutgers anthropologist Robin Fox has estimated that the majority of all marriages throughout history were between first and second cousins.[/quote]

Suddenly, what's wrong with people today, and the current state of the world becomes so much easier to understand...
51-55, M
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As a teen I remember reading about kings and queens and most were about 13 and related by blood...and all the orgies and stuff people would find disgusting today. Am talking about Europe here.
GwydionFrost51-55, M
[@476282,revenant] Most of the royal families of Europe still ARE related, sadly.
[@188267,GwydionFrost] yes they are and not only royal but politicians too.
GwydionFrost51-55, M
[@476282,revenant] Well, it is the "family business". ;)
Lochlee51-55, F
Breeding too close to the gene pool...
SW User
Its probability - Higher in family tree if the marriages are being done in family for couple of generations. Otherwise, it can be healthy. Contrary, two people of different races can marry and have disable child.
Silentspectator41-45, F
It is in practice since a long time 'Yuglik period' when the twins (boy n girl born of the same mother) used to get married.
I KNOW...[b]scary!!!馃槺[/b]
Scribbles31-35, F
馃槸 Eek.

Genetic problems resulting from inbreeding aside, I don't think it explains the "current state" of today. Haven't the majority of humans on the planet been enjoying a lack of inbreeding for several generations now? I blame a crappy cycle of crap culture, education, society, parenting, and harmful environmental influences to name some. idk
GwydionFrost51-55, M
[@256854,Scribbles] Oh, no... don't get me wrong-- all those things you mention play a HUGE role in the decline of civilization... but when you have inbred children teaching inbred children... you might see how the train will slowly derail over the years... ;)
Scribbles31-35, F
[@188267,GwydionFrost] 馃槅

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