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Has anyone else experience Wierd abilitys happening to you?
Cause I have, either I am loosing my mind, or this is really happening to me..
38 replies
Nov 17, 2016
SW User
like what?
Fangirlsarah1996 · 22-25, F
Weird Abilities? :/

Such as?
[c=#BF0080]LOL.. this could have several meanings.[/c]
Fangirlsarah1996 · 22-25, F
@pinkrainbowkisses: Either the paranormal or the weird sexual positions xD
ManicMicah · 18-21, M
What exactly is happening to you?
Can you fly yet?
meJess · F
yes, it's the landing I have trouble with :)
SW User
I've always had a knack of knowing when something was about to go wrong. does that count?
[c=#BF0080]I do that too.. and most of the time it's a few months before it happens.[/c]
If you would elaborate further we may be able to answer this question
johnny253 · 70-79, M
It's impossible, scientifically speaking, to see the future. However, if you can,how?
sdsoto · F
Oh for crying out loud.. You sure you want to use that term " scientifically " ? Scientifically speaking, it is possible for human beings to unleash paranormal abilitys, according to science humans only use 10% of our brain, which means the rest is locked.. But it is possible for very little of the population to have more than the avarage 10%... Do you know who is Natasha Demkina of Russia... Scientifically proven, she has the power of X ray vision, able to see right thought human bodies.. How you ask? Well I already said so, science says that even thought not super powers like X men, or Super Men, or Wonder Woman, but humans have hidden abilities, " adrenalin " when in the face of danger, your adrenalin can be able to kick in and give you the abilities, so called impossible for normal humans.. Speed, strength, courage, and many more.. Now do you still think is impossible...Nothing can be proven as impossible
abe182 · 41-45, M
Such as?
Sometimes I can see the immediate future just before it happens.
abe182 · 41-45, M
@johnny253: @Justbychance:
So you all believe what I'm saying then to be true.?
sdsoto · F
@abe182: it is not impossible, just not proven it is possible.. So yes I so too, believe that it might be true and possible to have such a gift
@abe182: [quote]Sometimes I can see the immediate future just before it happens[/quote]

[quote]So you all believe what I'm saying then to be true.?[/quote]

What I'm saying is that I wouldn't declare what you do. I experienced what you say you do, but no way would I declare it to be me seeing 'the future'. I 'knew' some things that happened minutes before they happened (and declared them to my then partner) and then they happened. That's what I am saying; no more, no less. What I am not saying is what my then partner said when she saw them happen, which is very much along the same lines that you used.

I believed it to be deja vu and there are instances where people have had thoughts prior to an event rather than just after the event.
CassandraFemale17 · 18-21, F
If I close my eyes really tight, I can't see anyone.

Soooooo weird!
sdsoto · F
Are you.. Mocking or something?
Well not you....
sdsoto · F
Question clear
sdsoto · F
Well it just happens, I don't have control over it.. For example.. Last week I was walking to college, and around my home there is construction going on, on the streets, well anywho, the cars were going crazy because of a lot of traffic, construction going on, super noisy, and so I spotted a lady like about a half block away with high heels on, and some how I managed to hear her walking... I freaked out and ended up going home again, later that day, my sister was on the front porch on a swing, and I had this Wierd feeling like something was going to happen, I didn't know what, when, or why.. And I told her, literally 6 seconds later SNAP! The swing broke slamming her into the ground, I did not even helped her out, I ran into my room... Either I am loosing it, or something is actually wrong with me.😶
@sdsoto: Not even close, it's a gift, embrace it.
sdsoto · F
@AdventureRider: again, thanks... :)
Anopenheart · 46-50, M
i agree. there is nothing wrong with you . it is a gift so develope it and use it wisely. dont fight it
Calmsoul · 26-30, M
Embrace your unique gifts and talents :)

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