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Where do you believe the problem is, if you believe a problem exists?

We've seen that when it comes to public health and safety and the economy, it's difficult to address the needs of one without hurting the other. I think the previous year has made this very clear. I understand that some will disagree, as usual. My question is: If you see this as a problem that needs to be addressed, where do you think the problem lies?
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Picklebobble2 · 56-60, M
A decision was made at the highest level.

That decision cost the lives of hundreds of thousands worldwide.

The supposed economic benefit hasn't materialized.

Conclusion: Your life is seen as a fair gambling chip on the economic roulette wheel.

The question then becomes at what point do those at the highest level admit their decision making was wrong.
And what prevents them from doing exactly the same thing again ?
U53RN4M3 · 31-35, M
[@448576,Picklebobble2] I know the answer to my question. If the solution was put in place, there would be some angry rich people. 😄
Picklebobble2 · 56-60, M
[@1189765,U53RN4M3] I want to know [b]where are the angry poor people ?[/b]

Why aren't they amassing outside The White House or outside Parliament demanding better ?
U53RN4M3 · 31-35, M
[@448576,Picklebobble2] Because they're poor, right where they want us to be. Even a week-long trip like that would set my family back on bills and food. I would love to go kick some shit over, but I can't.
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Grateful4you · 61-69, M
Thi8s is going to anger a lot of people but this my answer. Joe Biden said from the onset, this country needs to be reunited and close the ranks of political division. My plea is to young people, ignore political one-upmanship where no one really ever wins. Persue the rightful thing follow your heart.

You understand fully that voting is the right of all people. That racism is something unacceptable and inhuman. Shout down hatred where you see it. Believe in yourself not those who have an agenda and want to tell you what to believe. Trust yourself and people who share your values. Beyond all else, strive to be kind and to do the right thing. Seek to spread positivity, happiness, joy and love. Given this, this country, the earth, and into the universe things will shift back into balance. We can do this one person at a time. Your energy has a ripple effect and spreads far more powerfully and quickly than you can imagine.
Go in peace and love one another.
U53RN4M3 · 31-35, M
[@881002,Grateful4you] If someone is angered by your comment, they have some serious issues.
Grateful4you · 61-69, M
[@1189765,U53RN4M3] Too many in this present decade feed off of hatefulness, division, and lies. Ironhically, many of them do not present as such and easily pull the weaker, needier types in. Time and again supposedly well- meaning, good people have pulled people into a nefarious, hateful agenda.
Tsondru · M
I feel we lacked sober honesty about COVID. About what we knew when and didn’t. About mistakes made. Fundamentally about what we could do and not. We made this political theatre. We politicized every aspect of this and fed it to the cultural war as chum. Individual health care choices and community management choices became moves in a war.

We would have better off being candid about trade offs and letting people make choices as locally and individually as possible. We needed to have an honest discussion nationally as well as locally that saving lives and sparing people illness would have an economic cost, and that illness would have a long term social cost. That saving the economy would have a social cost and a loss of life. Then we could make informed decisions and accept the consequences up front.

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