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The thing I find more insufferable than a zealot is a snobby atheist

The zealot acts from a place of belief and sometimes ignorance, they think they're morally superior and force their beliefs on others.

The snobby atheist speaks from a feeling of intellectual superiority and I find that far more obnoxious. The reason being that at least the one who speaks from a perceived place of moral superiority is perhaps ignorant and believes in something that makes them that way. The edgy atheist is mostly belittling and judging for an ego boost or out some perceived sense of superiority.

The zealot by far does the most damage, but I somehow still find that less annoying than some gloating braggart who thinks they're Richard Dawkins. It is a certain breed of atheist that does this, debating about religion doesn't make you obnoxious, but the ones that dedicate their free time to it tend to be this way.
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Adogslife · 61-69, M
Yeah. I hate those snotty atheist wars.
I can think of a few users this describes.

More times than not they oversimply the debate of God's existence or the "Sky Daddys" existence and they're apparently supposed to be the intellectual ones here.
[@877165,Xipooh] Yup. I blocked him too and I rarely ever block so you have to be a special kind of twat waffle.
When I had VIP, I noticed his tag team partner snooping on my profile several times. They both live to belittle anyone with belief in God whether you bring it up or not and this doubled down on this assumption.
Why would one of them keep track of me? It's a tad obsessive. The only incentive here is to actively seek more reasons to belittle. No actual discourse here.
It gets boring real quick.
Xipooh · 26-30, M
[@607935,HijabaDabbaDoo] Yeah, I know who you're talking about and I blocked her for a while as well. I think it's all they do and I don't understand that, I'd be bored bruh 🤷‍♂️ like you can belittle others but if you spend all your time doing that there's not much to you in comparison. It's easy to focus externally than to face what's internal.
Miram · 26-30, F
I do not understand why people need to convince others god doesn't exist. And I have a problem with that need because the usefulness of the discourse is zero and it feels like the need for control. If it were just superiority, that'd be fine.

It is more constructive to focus on aspects of religion which need to be reformulated because they are harmful.
FreeSpirit1 · 46-50, F
I'm an Atheist and know what you mean but there are insufferable religious zealots as well, they think they have the moral high ground because they believe in god.
I don’t mind those who are genuinely interested in debate because there are religious people who are too and desire to debate atheists. There are some users here who frequently debate religion (mostly with religious users who are looking for debate) and I am fine with them as long as they are able to keep it civil. But the atheists who butt in to every religious post that aren’t aimed at them at all are no better than trolls.

Like, there’s a difference between an atheist responding to a post about prayer with “prayer doesn’t work, you believe in a fairy tale!” and an atheist deciding to debate a question that says “more evidence that the earth is 6000 years old”.

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