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What do you consider your purpose or calling in life?
17 replies
Nov 2, 2016
I irritate people
NCCindy · 31-35, F
Being kind and loving and leaving the world a better place when I depart
Dogger · 46-50, M
Very respectable answer, Cindy!
MartinTheFirst · 18-21, M
🐶 youve already asked that question
saintsong · 36-40, F
Raising my family, being a good wife to my husband and friend to all, To be faithful to God, living a good and fulfilling life, and going to heaven.
Summer · 46-50, F
I am not getting it...why answer a robot?
JaggedLittlePill · 41-45, F
You know what I do not get? Complaining about answering a robot while making a comment and answering a robot.

The purpose is to (imo)
1) have some type of normal
Question here
2) to have fun with it
3) you can respond to other peoples comments also and have a discussion.

None of which you are being forced to why complain and whine?
Summer · 46-50, F
@JaggedLittlePill: Okay my love. Thanks for putting it all out there for me. Can you pass me my wine? Oh wait...(sorry!) My....whine? And those chips. Pass the cheese. Pass that on over too. Thanks love.
Pfuzylogic · 56-60, M
Facilitating others to learn
Fernie · F
I have absolutely no idea
LiMustache · 36-40
😳 nothing yet
Terrygordy · 22-25, F
Pleasuring your mother.
Myzery · 36-40, F
I don't have one.

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