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SW stalkers
I don't mind people bothering me, because coming up with long comebacks that confuse stupid people is one of my hobbies.
31-35, F
43 replies
Nov 2, 2016
Pherick · 36-40, M
Wait, what??? *confused* :)
That was for me because I wasn't impressed by her perfect life.
naoradix · 31-35, F
@SteveHamm: It wasn't for you, but you should chiggity check yourself if that's what you think.
thinkincubes · 36-40, M
that's certainly one way to deal with it... I'm almost tempted to bother you to see what you'd come up with
naoradix · 31-35, F
Give it a shot. But I'm an endless flame and never back down. Lol. ✌ No hard feelings. I'm just playin'.
yllacsar · 41-45, M
That's hillarious.....bait the stalkers just to fuck with 'em....i LIKE it....
naoradix · 31-35, F
I mean the bait is my face, unfortunately. Creepy old men love baby faces. And they don't know that baby faces can shatter their brains with words.
yllacsar · 41-45, M
Ha....ok - i'll stalk you later when i have a minute....just to see if i can keep up..
KingofPizza2 · 31-35, M
You realize that saying you don't mind being bothered is one of the surest ways to not be bothered, right? So you're either depriving yourself of funsies or you've maxed out your skill ranks in reverse psychology.
KingofPizza2 · 31-35, M
@naoradix: Ah but if I remember right that's not a guaranteed KO. Though I can't imagine Sephiroth sending dick pics on here...
naoradix · 31-35, F
@KingofPizza: Hahahaha. True. Now we see eye-to-eye.
KingofPizza2 · 31-35, M
@naoradix: Hojo totally would though.
NigelDoes · 51-55, M
Sounds like you're spending your time wisely.
naoradix · 31-35, F
@NigelDoes: I'm not defensive. This is me 100 percent of the time because I attract weirdos.
NigelDoes · 51-55, M
So what do you even get out of being here if I may ask?
naoradix · 31-35, F
@NigelDoes: Being here? It's better than Facebook (I don't have one), because in order to keep up, you have to be able to form coherent sentences. I love words, and writing, so it's helpful for that habit of mine.
SW User
Yawn...your turn, Teacher.
Flenflyys · 26-30, F
popmol · 18-21, M
what if they are confused and not stupid?
popmol · 18-21, M
really well thanks :) you seem nice too and i certainly like your rather odd hobbies :) they sounds rather fun :)
naoradix · 31-35, F
Haha. I like video games, too, so I'm not that weird.
popmol · 18-21, M
haha videogames ? iddin'texpect that :) but i mean your not weird but a hobby of confusing people is rather peculiar. most people would dislike it or maybe do it but never be open about it :) thats why but you're not weird at all :) you seem like a nice and cool lady to me :)
Im confused..😳
naoradix · 31-35, F
Guys don't usually get stalked on the internet, so you probably just don't have experience.
@naoradix: chill...i was joking.Hide your gender is one good option:)
naoradix · 31-35, F
@Traubi: I'm not upset - just being honest. I already decided a long time ago that I shouldn't have to hide who I am. I can handle anyone that comes my way.

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