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Alot of people ask me “aren’t you afraid to die?”
Hell no, im not afraid to die. It makes no sense fearing the inevitable. Ill tell you what i am afraid of though: Life. Life is pain. Life is misery. Life is suffering. Im too much of a wuss to stick around for that. Death is, by far, the easier route. I am all about the hard easy
26-30, M
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Jun 15, 2019
VictoriaR · F
I don’t fear it because of that as well... and also because I’ve always been intrigued with death... I used to get over fears by imagining my death.
Keraunos · 31-35, M
How many times have you been in a situation where you were all but positive you were about to die, and actually had a little time to sit around and realize how badly you'd fucked up both at whatever you did to find yourself in that particular situation and at your one shot at life in general up to that point?
ShadowOfMyself · 26-30, M
Yes. Once at the hands of the police. Twice by my own. Coming close to death has done nothing to curb my enthusiasm for it[@666713,Keraunos]
Keraunos · 31-35, M
[@911048,ShadowOfMyself] In that case, well lived-through. You can probably be at least somewhat taken at your word on your original statement, which is damned rare when it comes to humans claiming not to fear death.
ShadowOfMyself · 26-30, M
True. [@666713,Keraunos]
Know what I'm afraid of? Drinking the rest of this Coke. I might wet the bed
VictoriaR · F
[@946223,RamesesII] That is a good thing to be afraid of 😂

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Alot of people ask me “aren’t you afraid to die?”... | Life | Similar Worlds