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What are you tired of?
Whiny, entitled, triggered, overly sensitive, easily offended people
26-30, F
22 replies
Jun 12, 2019
Reenasharma · 26-30, F
My husband
Lostandconfused · 26-30, M
[@952021,Reenasharma] why did you marry that guy?
Nimbus · M
ScrewThisImDone · 22-25, F
Same here.

Also mosquitoes and anything else that makes you itchy when they bite. -_-
Rhodesianman · 51-55, M
Thatredsquirrel I agree with you I also hate narrow minded people who seem to make it their sad little lifes work trying to make other peoples lives a misery by reporting others for stupid childish things because they have such a sad life themselves .
Starnight · 22-25, F
This triggers me
xixgun · M
[@868564,Starnight] 😏
Thinking about her.
Whiny, privileged, entitled folks who are insensitive about the real life struggles of others and think their first world problems make [b]them[/b] victims. 😒
[@926471,Bodymindsoul] Being [b]assumed[/b] to be—whether one is or not—is a decided advantage.
Bodymindsoul · 26-30, M
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] not what I asked
[@926471,Bodymindsoul] Then you missed the point of my reply.
bourbon · 90-99, M
nouns and verbs. they're in cahoots.
AnarchoMetalchic · 31-35
xixgun · M
Same as you, but mainly I'm tired of people TELLING me how entitled, triggered, overly sensitive, easily offended they are.
It's fucking Earth and there's billions of people on the place. What in the hell makes you think you're always going to get your way?

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