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You don't need to be anti-men to be a pro-woman ! Isn't it ?
46-50, M
19 replies
Mar 16, 2019
plungesponge · 36-40, M
That's no fun
plungesponge · 36-40, M
The ugly truth is, people need something to hate, and it's so much more stable when that thing is other people. We can try to promote ideologies that only attack ideas, but sooner or sooner it goes back to hating other people.
Manofsteel · 46-50, M
[@20312,plungesponge] Exactly! Problem is that peacefully achieving the goals doesn't satisfy many. Even if the goals are not achieved if some one else can be pictured wrong will boost the ego.
plungesponge · 36-40, M
The nice thing about feminist who hate men though is that they often refuse to marry and have kids, so Darwin will take care of that strain of thinking
Manofsteel · 46-50, M
[@760047,MarmeeMarch] Is that some sort of reversal? What is the point you are trying to prove ?
Chaoticneutral · 26-30
[@760047,MarmeeMarch] the struggle of diabetes is real indeed..
[@885503,Manofsteel] Aww too stupid to figure it out - need me do use pictures instead -- oh thats right I did.
OliviaS · 31-35, F
Exactly. That’s what many don’t understand
Manofsteel · 46-50, M
[@743238,OliviaS] Indeed !
Feminism is not about hating or bashing men. It is about advocacy, standing up and talking about what you believe is right.
If the focus is taken away from equality the movement can be quite dangerous and people get confused. Even the activists forget what they are really fighting for.
And the best place to start this is at our homes.
Gender equality begins at home. If both son and daughter are raised equally peacefully we can witness a brighter tomorrow.
MagicWithAKick · 18-21, T
Exactly! Tearing down men doesn't empower women.
Manofsteel · 46-50, M
[@838161,MagicWithAKick] Very well said !
Noahkahol · 61-69, M
Sex type isn't a thing to be pro or con about. Honesty and facts are pros but dishonesty and made up lies are cons.
Manofsteel · 46-50, M
[@377644,Noahkahol] that's true
Chaoticneutral · 26-30
As the saying goes:
"Blowing out someone else's candle doesn't make yours any brighter"
Manofsteel · 46-50, M
[@877165,Chaoticneutral] That's well said 👌
No, you don’t. But it’s amazing how many people assume that supporting equal rights and opportunities for women [b]does[/b] mean one is anti-men. 🙁
AgapeLove · 22-25, M
I'm pro woman and pro-man and the same time. Das amazin'!
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You don't need to be anti-men to be a pro-wom... | Life | Similar Worlds