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Are you adventurous or safe?
61-69, M
16 replies
Jan 28, 2019
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ThriftStore · 46-50, F
ElwhaLife · 61-69, M
[@778935,ThriftStore] Most of us are though we like to think we are adventurous
ThriftStore · 46-50, F
my hubby is adventurous. but sometimes he’s also risky. i don’t like that. [@879275,ElwhaLife]
ElwhaLife · 61-69, M
would you like to elaborate on his adventurous side and the risk of it
ThriftStore · 46-50, F
oh he is into extreme sports and that’s ok. he’s safe when he performs those but he takes risks in traffic that i wouldn’t take. even stacking dishes. he will stack them in a way and hope they don’t fall but then kicks himself when they do. stuff like that [@879275,ElwhaLife]
ElwhaLife · 61-69, M
It would seem opposites actually do attract and must do well together.
ThriftStore · 46-50, F
they say they attract but don’t last long [@879275,ElwhaLife]
ElwhaLife · 61-69, M
Now don’t say that or I might thing you are happy

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