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Shouldn't boys be allowed to be boys?

I think so, which is why the new Gillett advert is quite disturbing:

daisymay46-50, T
MrSimons36-40, M
[@773866,daisymay] Goodnight!
MrSimons36-40, M
[@10925,waleskinder] That's not quite what I had in mind:).
boys just want to be boys .. 馃槀
Jackaloftheazuresand22-25, M
they have access to my personal info to send me a razor, that is disturbing enough. Then they gave airtime to TYT so yeah they are turds
MrSimons36-40, M
[@383281,Jackaloftheazuresand] I honestly don't know how they possibly thought it was a good move. They are really going to see a dip in their profit margins. The vast majority of men out there won't take kindly to the implication that they are bad by virtue of being a male.
This is brain dead and tone deaf commentary, but the ad also sucks on its own.
MrSimons36-40, M
[@1026,HazelMotes] I really am struggling with what to say to that. It's probably one of the most bigoted comments I have seen for a while. You don't know anything about me other than what I have said on here, but you feel that's enough to lump me with someone who went on a murderous rampage because he couldn't get laid. It goes back to what I said about Hilary Clinton dismissing the other side as a basket of deplorables. All you're doing is increasing support for the other side and helping to ensure that Donald Trump and people like him get elected. I suppose I should encourage you to carry on:).

I don't have time now to respond to your other comments. I have to get ready to go and do one of those female dominated jobs you devalued as being"crappy."
[@721161,MrSimons] When I pointed out obvious inequalities between the genders, your response was "certain jobs appeal to men more than women and vice versa." I take that to mean women prefer waiting tables and cleaning up baby shit while men prefer to run Fortune 500 companies and serve in Congress. That, my friend, is a load of crap. Fortunately, the misogynistic president we have right now is changing that, although not intentionally - more women were elected to Congress in 2018 than ever before in a direct response to having a man in the White House who boasts about sexually assaulting women.

I'm just saying you need to examine your assumptions. You're not as far from Elliott Rodger as you think you are.
MrSimons36-40, M
[@1026,HazelMotes] Except I listed a whole load of professions such as nursing, teaching and being a vet which are dominated by women. Not that waiting on tables (also done by a lot of men) or being a stay at home mother (I assume that's what you meant by the baby shit comment) ought to be devalued either, particularly the latter. I should also point out that there are a lot less than glamorous jobs done mostly by men, but I don't suppose it matters if not many women choose to empty dustbins.

I never denied that there has been gender inequality in the past, which why I have said there should an even playing field. My only point is that the playing field shouldn't be tilted in favour of women to disadvantage men, as though it's some kind of tit for tat game, because that's not equality.

Donald Trump didn't boast about sexually assaulting women if you listen to his remarks properly. He said, "let you do it," implying consent. What he said was disgusting, but don't make it out to be something it was not.

No, I don't have anything in common with Elliott Rodger. That's just you being a bigot again. That's really all that needs to be said about that.
Not if it hurts girls
MrSimons36-40, M
[@844232,Garter02] I don't think anyone is going to defend behaviour that harms anyone. That's not the kind of thing we have in mind.
Yea as a young man it's scrary how liberal culture is so anti male..happy to chat
[@721161,MrSimons] Yes, traditionally, women have taken the crappiest jobs, and that has not changed. Do you seriously think the Senate is equivalent to elementary school? I'm not talking about specific professions, I'm talking about business in general.

One way to address inequality would be the Equal Rights Amendment, which would apply to men as well as women, but for some reason, the Men's Rights Activists don't support it - because, as I said, equality is perceived as oppression.
MrSimons36-40, M
[@1026,HazelMotes] I think part of the difference is that certain types of jobs appeal to men more than woman and vice versa, and I find it a little surprising that you are saying that jobs like teaching, nursing, social work or being a vet are, "crappy." I am not denying that women have been discriminated against in the past. I just don't think it is a problem now, or at least not nearly as much of a problem as some are making out.

I don't know the details of the Act you are referring to, but I would be in favour of any law which puts us all on an equal footing. Feminism (from what I have seen) doesn't seem to want to bring that about. They want the playing field tilted in their favour, saying that it will address the imbalance. Like I said before, we don't right the injustice by playing tit for tat where we disadvantage people who are seen as having an advantage before. I am not really in favour of Men's Rights Activists either. They seem to me to be the male equivalent of modern feminists. They are focused on one gender when we should be working to ensure that everyone is treated equally and fairly.
[@721161,MrSimons] Certain types of jobs appeal to men? You mean like CEOs and senators? Yeah, I have to agree with you there. Fortunately, that is changing.

The Equal Rights Amendment was opposed by conservative religious bigots who were afraid that it would allow gay people to marry each other. Well, that's legal now, and society hasn't collapsed, so maybe we can finally pass it and move on.
Boys are allowed to be boys, but adults have a responsibility to correct them when they act in anti-social ways. Pointing that out isn't anti-male.
[@721161,MrSimons] Not everyone who voted for Trump is a white nationalist, but you're delusional if you don't see how that was part of his message. Kick out the illegal Mexicans, kick out the Muslims, make America great again for white people.
MrSimons36-40, M
[@1026,HazelMotes] Well, you should kick out people who have entered your country illegally. I honestly don't know why people think it is wrong to try to prevent people coming in on the back of a lorry. There is a legitimate concern about Islamic terrorism, so there was a ban on people from countries that bred terrorists. A Muslim from the UK would have been able to visit. I must have missed Donald Trump saying, "Make America great again for white people." I only ever heard him say, "Make America Great Again."

Insulting people like you are for raising legitimate concerns just increases support for people like Donald Trump, you know. It's like when Hillary Clinton called half of America, "a basket of deplorables." She really showed how to shoot yourself in the foot. You wouldn't listen the first video I posted, but maybe you'll listen to a fellow liberal comedian:

[@721161,MrSimons] The people who come into our country illegally perform a lot of the dirty work the natives would prefer not to do. And since most of them enter through legal visas, a border wall would be a useless waste of money. And there is no legitimate concern for Islamic terrorism; most terrorism in this country is perpetrated by conservative white folks who were born here. And the worst act of terrorism on 9/11/01 was carried out by Saudi Arabians, who oddly enough weren't on Trump's Muslim ban. So both of these "concerns" are bullshit, and even if they were legitimate, Trump isn't addressing them correctly.

The reason you didn't hear "make America great for white people" is because you're not paying attention. Trump has referred to black and brown majority countries as "shitholes." He also has a long history of racist remarks and actions. Clinton calling half of Trump's supporters "deplorable" isn't in the same ballpark, but it does show what a bunch of overly sensitive crybabies Trump's supporters are.

But what do you know. You idiots are ready to tank your economy and restart the troubles in Northern Ireland by exiting the EU, just because a bunch of English country bumpkins are upset about too many Poles in the country.
James6661-69, M
It's a razor. Tell me if it is sharp and does the job. That's all I need to know from Gillette

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