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I have mixed feelings about Christmas
This will be the first Christmas without my dad.
16-17, F
31 replies
Dec 16, 2018
madmarc26 · 26-30, M
@ChloeYoung I know how hard it is not having parents around my parents have not died I went into foster care when I was young I don't even know what my mum looks like. So sorry for your loss, keep your chin up even through dark times in your life it will be hard for the first few months, keep your mind busy with all the happy times you had with your dad.
ChloeYoung · 16-17, F
[@834771,madmarc26] I live with my step mum and step sister
Adrian156 · 26-30, M
Can you please message me [@834771,madmarc26]
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Aww 😞
LostLissa · 31-35, F
I'm sorry for your loss.

This will be 16 without mine.
ChloeYoung · 16-17, F
[@585989,Lissa] Thank you, how is it for you now?
juiceyangel333 · 26-30, F
5th one without my mom. Hugs 🤗🤗
ChloeYoung · 16-17, F
[@6492,juiceyangel333] I hope it gets easier 😐️
Skeleton · 22-25, F
ChloeYoung · 16-17, F
[@83467,Skeleton] we don’t, I hope there’s other family there for you 😐️
Skeleton · 22-25, F
There is and I need to stay strong for them. I hope there is someone for you too
ChloeYoung · 16-17, F
[@83467,Skeleton] I have a step mum, step sister and an aunt here, the rest are over seas and I don't really know them anyway. They were going to send me over there at one point but I refused to go, so I'm still here for now, thank you
It’s my second without either of my parents so I know how hard it is
SW User
I'm sorry. This will be my 8th 😞.
SW User
[@840947,ChloeYoung] Yes, it is actually.
ChloeYoung · 16-17, F
[@713180,Dan88411] That’s good to know, I’m pleased for you
SW User
[@840947,ChloeYoung] Thanks...
ChloeYoung · 16-17, F
That’s sad, I’m sorry to hear that, this will be my first
[@840947,ChloeYoung] you know you replied to your own story
ChloeYoung · 16-17, F
[@698789,Harunaorekko] I just realised that, at least you know I was replying to
GentleJoe · 61-69, M
I'm very sorry for your loss. Only you can know what that means to you and the pain it might bring.
ChloeYoung · 16-17, F
[@530908,GentleJoe] I don’t know what my steps mum and step sister are doing over the holidays and all my cousins are overseas plus I don’t really know them. That’s why it will be nice to be with my best friend, she’s really supportive.
GentleJoe · 61-69, M
[@840947,ChloeYoung] Sounds like this can turn into a very warm and happy Christmas. I hope it turns out well for you.
ChloeYoung · 16-17, F
[@530908,GentleJoe] We will see, everything is up in the air at the moment 😐️
Goralski · 46-50, M
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