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How do I find one person in life who cares whether I am dead or alive?
I feel so lonely, now I don't care about my being at all.
31-35, M
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Aug 24, 2016
StellasXOF · 36-40
People suck.. Get a puppy
daydreamer · 31-35, M
Thanks for the advice. I don't think I will be able to have emotions towards the pet. I know that it will love me unconditionally, so I am scared that I won't be reciprocating the love that I receive, which would be unfair.
Give yourself the gift of loving and honoring yourself. Sometimes even our family and friends can't supply what we think we need. That's because when it comes down to it, if you don't feel it for yourself, nobody can supply it for you.
daydreamer · 31-35, M
Thanks for the kind words. I have tried that approach as well. Self-honoring always ended up in self loathing somehow, I got caught in a vicious circle. Self-love also caused high-headedness which, again in no time, brought me back to ground-zero.
Don't give up on yourself. Consider each day that you are on a journey of self discovery; some of that IS going to be painful, but some of it should make you feel joyous. It's not easy to love ourselves when we are used to feeling at the bottom. But you can do it.
daydreamer · 31-35, M
Thanks. I have accepted it now and have learned to live life in this manner. It is only a small part of me that wants to break free of the shackles, and that is what keeps bothering me in what is an otherwise comfortable way of life for me. I think I have hopelessly fallen in love with my shackles.
Primnproper · 51-55, F
You have to care about yourself first before you bring anyone else into the equation..we can't use people to fix us we have to do that ourselves..
daydreamer · 31-35, M
Thanks for the advice. I feel I am damaged beyond repair :)
Primnproper · 51-55, F
A lot of us are damaged in one way or another sweetheart but you have to look inside yourself and decide whether you're going to stay where you are or take charge of your own life and start living it..I truly believe we need to be at peace with ourselves first..that opens us up to let others in..

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