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My work colleague I think has got to comfortable around me
He's really nice and funny but, he's abit odd haha. Such as a moment ago he came over to my desk, he drank some of my coffee (without asking!) and then had a bit of my cake. He then randomly shared with me that he likes to take really hot baths and eat chocolate.

Odd or not odd? 馃槀馃馃槀
22-25, F
32 replies
Nov 17, 2016
wudifu41-45, M
he is really into you
wonderland6389322-25, F
@wudifu: oh no, that is not the case
wudifu41-45, M
@wonderland63893: yes it is
wudifu41-45, M
@wonderland63893: you are not a guy and we are so just listen
1957Mike61-69, M
VERY odd !
UnsureForNow41-45, M
Can't a man just eat your food and discuss his bathing habits with you, without being called odd?
I mean, come on!!
wonderland6389322-25, F
Maybe if we were drunk, but that isn't the situation hahaa
Chrisredfeild46-50, M
Wants ya...
wonderland6389322-25, F
I don't see it hahaa
Chrisredfeild46-50, M
Then get glasses...@wonderland63893:
Aidan22-25, F
I wouldn't be able to tolerate that nor would I be laughing. How dare he put his hands on your food and beverage. I would have smacked his hand. You have great patience I don't understand.
wonderland6389322-25, F
It's too funnily odd to get mad over hahaa
sighmeupforthat41-45, M
you complain about everything.
wonderland6389322-25, F
I'm British deal with it
MartinTheFirst18-21, M
He's in love ;)
wudifu41-45, M
@wonderland63893: told you he is into you .....just listen to all the guys talking
wonderland6389322-25, F
@MartinTheFirst: 馃槮馃馃槀
MartinTheFirst18-21, M
@wonderland63893: 馃槀馃構
zerofuks2give36-40, M
Incredibly rude if you ask me
wonderland6389322-25, F
I was too overcome with the oddness of it that I had to laugh haha
zerofuks2give36-40, M
@wonderland63893: not me, he would've got a cussing
TravisTx61-69, M
That's probably just his way of trying to flirt with you.
wonderland6389322-25, F
hahaa interesting
TravisTx61-69, M
Just come out and ask him....Are you flirting with me? ;)
Picklebobble51-55, M
Sounds like his attempt at flirting.

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