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I dread each day at work, but quitting is not a good option.

I wear a modified mask because of disabilities. Also dark glasses because the lighting was turned up drastically. Some of the customers are staring and asking intrusive questions about the mask and the glasses.
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Emortal · M Best Comment
Sorry you're going through that. I hope it gets better soon. Hugs
purplepen · 46-50, F
[@492052,Emortal] Thank you. :)

MissFugger · F
I feel you. Hope your fears go away soon. Hugs
purplepen · 46-50, F
[@537009,MrsFugger1] Thank you.
Brickbybrick · 26-30, F
Ugh people asking questions that don't concern them is my pet peeeeevvvve. Please please try to not give a shit. It's not worth it. 🌺🌼
purplepen · 46-50, F
[@1089099,stonesandripples] They're afraid of The Virus. As if it will jump out and grab them between the layers of PPE.
If what they ask bothers you - get a small sign or such made up that explains why.

I have a card that I carry that explains my sons unusual behaivour so I don't have to get angry or upset..... Or say a thing # I just hand them the card.

People fear the different and judge so easy.
purplepen · 46-50, F
[@912138,OogieBoogie] I would like to but the manager has forbidden it.
Fernie · F
It's a teachable moment.....they'll never stop asking...just explain it to them instead of thinking of it as intrusive
purplepen · 46-50, F
[@331316,Fernie] I told her the truth. Hopefully she won't try to get me fired.
Fernie · F
[@658702,purplepen] FIRED? Why would she do that? That truth sounds you wear the mask because you rob gas stations? Maybe you're overreacting a tiny bit. Let them stare...I'm in a wheelchair...let ME tell you about people staring and being must practice not letting them bother you...we all have that not let others stupid behavior bother us....they forget all about us after they leave to go and stare at someone else
purplepen · 46-50, F
[@331316,Fernie] They have made lots of public health complaints already, about all sorts of things (mostly false). Customers get crazy because they're afraid of the pandemic. People in wheelchairs are not seen as a threat, but anyone who cannot wear a standard mask (even behind a barrier) is.

I'm not the only one going through this of course. Some people have lost their jobs because they couldn't keep a mask up for hours.

Visible disabilities of course have their own set of challenges. Invisible disabilities that affect functioning have another set of challenges, including widespread verbal condemnation and disbelief.

I'm not overreacting because people around me are losing their jobs as their workplaces get shut down, or as they fail to meet required standards for PPE.
iamnikki · 26-30, F
Same. Apply elsewhere
purplepen · 46-50, F
[@467302,iamnikki] I'm going to get my own store when this pandemic is over.

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