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How possessive are you?
Are you very materialistic?
31-35, M
15 replies
Aug 31, 2018
ArianaRose25 · 22-25
I'm pretty possessive not materialistic
Killroy59 · 56-60, M
Not at my age !!!!!
SW User
Not very but I’m very attached to things that reminds of good moments and my childhood memories. I don’t care about their money value tho.
JovialPlutonian · 31-35, M
[@559577,Lostgirl02] sentimental
Simplegirlstory · 26-30, F
I am possessive person but I try to control myself being possessive for people because we cant control people, they have their own choices
JovialPlutonian · 31-35, M
[@7960,Simplegirlstory] at least you're being honest with yourself :)
SW User
The door is always open
and I live a simple life
I am fake n artificial
[@771029,Fruitpunchy24] haha yo Mama
ArianaRose25 · 22-25
[@489988,D0notfollowme] uh bah felicia! Lol
[@771029,Fruitpunchy24] hahaha
EugenieLaBorgia · 26-30, F
Extremely! I consider it my duty to preserve the artefacts within my home, to preserve the craftsmanship imbued within the furniture, the carpets; to preserve the rare documents, the written words of the finest of novelists; to preserve the machines present which have impacted on history; to preserve and maintain the garden for others in the future to enjoy; to preserve my pianos by which others in the future may benefit from a musical education; to preserve all that is there. Yes, as a materialist, the custodianship of history falls upon me and those around me to maintain what could easily be forgotten by today's world of rampant charlatinism!
Silentspectator · 41-45, F
Not me but my bed is way too possessive about me in a fixed hour yet I shoo it away.
am cruel that way!

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