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Doesn't this just suck?
I worked hard to gain a second in charge position within a department at work... Higher security level clearance, vast knowledge and experience, top performance awards...

All this lead to another department requesting me to help out for 4 months, which opened the door to gaining even more knowledge and experience...

Now I have returned to my old department, I have been reduced to just another worker: second in charge revoked, security level clearance reduced, as if I am just starting out all over...

To top it off my internet access is completely restricted... I can't even visit Google! Totally blocked!

How does that even make sense?!
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Nov 22, 2017
It was the porn.
[@475466,iMystery] Glad you weren’t offended.
iMystery · M
[@511517,ShadowedWhispers] Lol nah I'm not easily offended.
[@475466,iMystery] 🤘😆🤘
Literaturegirl · 56-60, F
Any ideas?
iMystery · M
[@571337,Literaturegirl] Maybe I should taken that other department up in their offer to have me remain with them permanently.
Babylon · F
That's really crap
Can they effectively demote you like that?

Is the internet ban because you SW at work?
iMystery · M
[@406205,Babylon] No... this one perhaps yes... but the other situation will not pass... I need to start a new chapter without that person.
Babylon · F
[@475466,iMystery] that just breaks my heart to hear, I wouldn't know how or where to begin.
iMystery · M
[@406205,Babylon] The glamorous life of iMystery...
gurlwatcher22 · 56-60, M
They're jealous and really missed/needed you while you were on the other assignment.I can see them blocking your access but not reducing your security clearance.Wait awhile and then ask your section chief or SSO what TF is going on.(Yes I'm a cleared employee even though I'm a contractor.)I feel your pain.
In my friends department (He's a govvie)there were a lot of fuckoffs using the unclass machine to do personal emails and watch YouTube.Maybe this is an effort to reduce this kind of activity and is not necessarily a reflection on you.We underwent a re-org a few months ago and the entire workforce got jostled around.
iMystery · M
[@324882,gurlwatcher22] My internet access has been restored... I dont know why they reduced my security clearance because even now the person who is second in charge comes to me for help... U do the math...

My manager heard of the other department who set up an interview with me to work on that side permanently and now he was sending me messages asking whether I really wana leave and if I do get the post, what date I will be expected to start.
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