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I Want To Wish Everyone A Happy St Patrick's Day

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Today As You All Become Irish
For The Day

Please Take Note
St Patrick Was Welsh Not Irish
Wales Was Part Of Britain
Patrick Was Kidnapped
Taken To Ireland By Raiders
Patrick Escaped Ireland
Became An Educated Christian
Not A Roman Catholic
He Returned To Ireland
Spread Christianity
Banished Snakes
Died Became St Patrick
Patron Saint Of All Ireland

The Republic Of Ireland Didn't Exist In Patrick's Time
Ulster The Province Did
He Lived In Ulster
And Died In Ulster
Is Buried In Ulster

The Flag Of St Patrick Is A
Red Diagonal Cross
On White Background
It Is Incorporated In
The Union Flag Of The UK

The Irish Tricolour Is Not
The Flag Of St Patrick
It Is The Flag Of
The Irish Republic

So As You All Drink Guinness Today Remember The Family Behind Guinness Were Proud Unionists Against The Creation Of The Irish Free State
And Helped Fund The UVF Bring Weapons To Ulster To Defeat Home Rule
And Guinness Sacked Those Involved In The Nationalist Republican Movement Involved In Easter Rising

The Tricolour With Its Green White And Orange Was Adopted By Republicans Who Have Murdered Thousands Of British People Over The Last Century

So Enjoy Your Day Drinking Unionist Guinness
And Draped In A Flag Nothing To Do With St Patrick

31-35, F
18 replies
Mar 17, 2019
DonaldTrumpet · 70-79, M
SoUnDz LikeZ U one of Those MuslIMz terrorisTz [image=]
DonaldTrumpet · 70-79, M
[@562601,enigma666] Ur WeLCUMeZ
enigma666 · 31-35, F
[@467787,DonaldTrumpet] leam English then get back to me.
DonaldTrumpet · 70-79, M
[@562601,enigma666] As MericaNz presidentZ diDNzt the English RapEZ pillageZ and murdErz overZ the worLDZ anDZ uS MericaNz WerEZ the first OneZ to KicKz URz sorrYZ limeYz aSSEZ bacKz to theZ drearYz littlEz islanDz

ContributorJo · 46-50, M
That's a pretty tall horse you're up on.
By the way if you say he got rid of snakes you should point out that those snakes were Celtic pagans not actual snakes.
enigma666 · 31-35, F
[@806700,ContributorJo] yes I know thought there was to much on this already. The longer them people wo t read it.
DonaldTrumpet · 70-79, M
[@562601,enigma666] St patrIcKz was an iTaliaNz FroMZ The BrOnkz In new YorKz
DonaldTrumpet · 70-79, M
U terroriSTz ALL fighTz abouTz JeSUZ WhOZ was a bLackz jewZ FroMZ israeLz. U sectariaNz PeoPLEZ MakeZ TruMPUz LaugHz
thatscottishguy · 22-25, M
Abrienda · 22-25, F
I didn't know that...his being Welch, I mean. Thank you!🍻
enigma666 · 31-35, F
[@5932,Abrienda] I'm proud brit so I had to bring that up lol
Abrienda · 22-25, F
[@562601,enigma666] My father who was not British cured me of any kind of sympathy I might ever have had for them when we watched a documentary on the massacre of the Horse Guards.
enigma666 · 31-35, F
[@5932,Abrienda] IRA where and are a terrorest group no sympathy shouod be given
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I Want To Wish Everyone A Happy St Patrick's Day
Top of the mornin' to ya!
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