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I Have a Stalker

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Sal, The New Guy.
I’m working at a small farm so I can hopefully graduate the program I’m in. It’s one of those programs that offer education, therapy & rehabilitation for kids & adults who need it. I’m the OG patient there. Anyway, I started working with the others there but, this time the location was changed. That’s when I met Sal. He’s new to the program so, we all welcomed him as we road to campus on the bus. He took an immediate interest in me.
He finds my very short hair & patentee body fascinating for some reason. I get that sometimes but, this was a new level.

We talked & at first my heart went out to him cause he was slightly off & was so excited to be talking to someone. If we had the same common interests, he would go on & on about it. He became very clingy towards me, almost to the point of getting upset when I’d talk to anyone else. I reassured him & told him I’ll be his friend, he just can’t constantly want me to himself. He said he understood, etc. Sal eased off me until we were assigned to the same area. He started to creep me out a little when he would bring up his abnormally large penis, told me how beautiful I am but, joked saying I could be his hot daughter cause he’s fairly older than me. He teased that I’m such a good girl. Sometimes, I would politely get rid of him by telling him I needed the bathroom but, he just waited for me the whole time.

Fast forward to Wednesday. We’re dropped off at the site & my one to one tells me that I need to be seen in our guidance consolers office. She tells me she’s just got a call from Sals writing coach ( a form of therapy program here ) saying that other patients have been telling him about Sal writing long ass poems about me, constantly. Up to the point where the group facilitator has to try to get him to write about something else. Something other than me.

They told me this because Sal also sent it to them cause he’s a writer & this place is open to anything. I only read one of them. All he ever really talks about is me. He jokingly told them he has fantasies about me. I believe my friends because they would never lie to me & never sugar coat anything.

Sal shows me a picture he drew of him & I at a naked, star track wedding with all the guests dead in the background. I politely thank him. He asks where I’m gonna put it & I told & showed him that I’d put it in my very important pocket for very important things. The second I get a minute alone, I take a picture of the drawing & sent it to my Social Worker on the bus.

Sal insists that he loves me & says it every time he greets & says goodbye to me. I don’t know what to say so, I tell him thank you. He kids how he sees that I blush when he says it. Nothing else has happened but, I’ll keep you all updated. I just needed to get it out of my chest.
Ksmile14 · F
Your supervisors need to separate you two immediately. Idk why they haven't already. He's fitted on you, indicates that only you and him exist (everyone else at the wedding was dead), and that he sexually fantasizes about you. You two should never be together again! Tell your social worker EVERYTHING!!!!!
TheGoodGuy · M
Speak to your supervisor about it.
RosieViolet · 18-21, F
[@1073303,Ksmile14] I’ve spoken to my social worker about it & she said they can’t change my bus route or the farm site but, what she can do is give him a one to one to have him monitored.
Ksmile14 · F
[@167432,RosieViolet] That will be better than nothing but be careful and make sure you're never alone with him!!!
RosieViolet · 18-21, F
[@1073303,Ksmile14] I’ll try my very best! Thank you so much
Ksmile14 · F
[@167432,RosieViolet] k..good

Quimliqer · 61-69, M
Please pay heed to the comments!!
RosieViolet · 18-21, F
[@397227,Quimliqer] I will, thank you

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I Have a Stalker
This is for anyone who has or had a serious stalker or even a "friend" they couldn't get rid of.
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