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Do you think he is lost?
I think he is lost. 馃
26-30, M
17 replies
Apr 8, 2018
SpaceCreature22-25, F
No. He found his calling.
HoraceGreenley51-55, M
God Damn GPS!
That looks photo-shopped to me.
Jibby51-55, C
What's black and yellow and screams like hell. Harlem's basketball team
purplepen46-50, F
I think he is photoshopped.
His wife is sitting next to him, nagging him.
"Let's stop and ask for directions', I said. Were lost, lets turn around, I said ... but noooo ..."
Mamapolo201661-69, F
I think he's fired, too.

One of my ex's friends, also a truck driver, was dispatched after a night of heavy drinking. He left the terminal and a few miles down the road pulled off on an interstate exit ramp and crawled into the bunk for a nap. When he woke up he found the edge of the ramp was soft and while he slept the eighteen-wheeler had gently leaned over and was laying on its side.
ProdigalSummer41-45, F
Holy crap, it鈥檚 the Magic School Bus! Where鈥檚 Miss Frizzle?!!
[@1162,ProdigalSummer] This magic school bus?
bhatjc41-45, M
[@1162,ProdigalSummer] She and the kids where never found again

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