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I Am Against Gay Marriage

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Throughout all of history no society ever accepted marriage to be between two people of the same gender. There were plenty of societies that practiced polygamy and polyandry or a combination of the two, but nowhere was the union between two people of the same gender considered a marriage.
And throughout nearly all of western society from the time of Greece and Rome marriage has been defined as the civil union between one man and one woman. Practices such as bigamy and polygamy were outlawed and no polygamous unions were ever legally recognized as marriages, just as no union between two people of the same gender was ever recognized as a marriage.
Before the legalization of gay marriage, marriage for hundreds of years had meant a union between one man and one woman. A problem with gay marriage is that it arbitrarily changed the definition of marriage to include a union between two people of the same gender. Other changes to the previous definition of marriage were not made. Why that particular one?
It seems that if we change the definition of marriage to be between two persons of the same gender, we should also change it to allow for polygamy. Polygamy was allowed in different cultures in the past and is still practiced by some people to this day. Why, therefore, is polygamy outlawed? There are plenty of people who desire to practice it yet they are not legally allowed to do so. Also, why shouldn't marriage be legally recognized between three or more people regardless of their gender? Why is marriage between humans and animals not allowed? Why should two people of the same gender who have sexual relations with one another be allowed to marry, when a man who has sexual relations with two different women can't marry both of them?
It makes no sense to change the definition of marriage to include gay marriage and not any other type of marriage, so this is one reason why I am opposed to gay marriage.
22-25, F
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Apr 10, 2015
darkanddesolate · 22-25, F
Why what?
I agree with all your points, and furthermore, it is a public health hazard. It is not conducive to the common good. But so-called gay marriage is not a marriage at all. The intention and ability to procreate children is one of the important ends of matrimony, and this is lacking in gay unions. But the most important reason of all is that it is not in the Divine plan. It is expressly contrary to the will of God. Therefore, people who engage in these unions are opposed to God; whether they acknowledge it or not, they are committed to the hatred of God and the breaking down of the family and of society as a whole.
Look, the Bible has many mistranslations. And during those times, there were many men that has 'lust' on other men. So gay marriage is not lust, but the product of love
If two people are in love, why should it matter?
darkanddesolate · 22-25, F
Marriage used to be defined as the union between two people who are a man and a woman. Now people have changed that definition to mean a union of two people regardless of gender. However why that particular change? What if three people are in love and all want to be married to one another? Why should marriage be restricted to a union between two people?
Caitlin it matters a great deal. For a start, once legalised, the next campaign is directed to the classrooms of primary schools. Anal intercourse is taught as a safe and natural lifestyle and this is a lie. Children are taught that it is ok for children to be adopted into these unions, and the children who have been brought up by such couples most certainly disagree and are campaigning against same sex marriage as well.
But if no one is harmed, what's the problem?
The point is it is not "marriage" so why call it that ?
Fantastic post! I completely agree.
ok but my opinions don't oppress an entire group of people
And that somehow gives you the right to go about insulting people who have different opinions as you?
only if your opinion is bigoted , I would react the same way to a racist
Bitch please! Marriage is between two people who love and commits to one another.
and polygamy should be legal as well, whats your point
darkanddesolate · 22-25, F
My point is that LGBT advocates aren't out there pushing for legalization of polygamy
Are you suggesting that the need for polygamy is exclusive to the LGBT community?
how about...go fuck yourself you bigoted fuck
what do you mean by sexual behavior, that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard, what if I said I don't agree with dolphins sexual behavior. It dosent make sense, and why do you care about their sexual behavior its their own personal thing and you don't even have to witness it, so stop being such a stuck up cunt, and I don't know where you live but in the u.s gay marriage isn't legal everywhere because people like you think they can just impose their believes onto others. also anal sex is quite fun I would recommend it
darkanddesolate · 22-25, F
I can't force my moral code on anyone. Even though I don't agree with anal sex I can't force you to stop doing it. And that doesn't mean I hate you because I disagree with your sexual preferences, just as it doesn't mean I hate gays because I disagree with gay sex and gay marriage.
It is my opinion that gay marriage should not be legal. That opinion by no means signifies that I hate gays.
yeah it kinda does but whatever im done talking to you
So says your "religion" but if someone took away your chance to get married you wouldn't like it. If two people get married what business is it of yours? In place in this world it's ok rape a lesbian and to kill gays on spot without getting in trouble. It's human right not everyone that get's married belong to religion. It that why I turn away religion!
If you wanna marry your brother go ahead.
darkanddesolate · 22-25, F
I don't want to. I'm just pointing out that there are some people who want to, but it isn't legal to do so.
What business is it of yours if two people get married. Gays been sent physicaligostic. Or some places where gays are killed for simply being killed. Matthew Shepard was tortured and killed just for fact he was gay. So we fought for rights. You wouldn't like it if your rights was taken away from you.
This is utter bullshit. All kinds of marriages should be allowed - as they are a legal security net for all children and spouses involved. Its not just about the church and what sky-pixie you believe in. Its about security and the legal part - which all families should be allowed to have! So screw you to try and take away rights for people thinking differently than you.

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I Am Against Gay Marriage
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