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Geography, beliefs and odds. Ever think about that?
" If you were born at
14.5697° N, 46.1003° E
then odds are you are a Muslim and hate most of the western world, are sexist and racist.

If you were born at
31.7833° N, 35.2167° E
then odds are you are a Jew and you hate your neighbors and think god gave you those GPS coordinates because you are special.

If you were born at
31.4484° N, 97.7817° W
then odds are you are a racist, evangelical christian, republican and enjoy rights you would like to see kept from others.

So many people are unaware of just how much just the location of their birth can determine all that they believe and who they hate.

Your god has normally been predetermined by where your mother went into labor.

You were born on planet Earth, it has no sides.

There's no such thing as a State, a Nation, or a Country, only imaginary boundaries that determine where rights and privileges begin and end for some, and for others, false pride to replace their own.
There's no such thing as a Christian, a Jew, or a Muslim. There are just a bunch of lost, self deluded humans who want to believe they are not only special, but above all others.
You can be defined by where you were born, or you can define yourself.
As for myself, I'll decide.
18-21, M
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Mar 18, 2017
SW User
Unfortunately thinking is limited for some lol
Hassan · 18-21, M
Wut u mean?
SW User
@Onlyavampirecanloveu4ever: well, I am agreeing with your post, some people don't think a whole lot about why they have the beliefs they have.
Hassan · 18-21, M
@Kuronekko: oh oki
itjustbegan · 22-25, M
There are such things even though they are made by the stupidest of people now no one can just ignore that.
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