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Do you agree or disagree ? Why ?
This world we live in is quit predictable . There is a whole lot of bad , sad tragedies and a slight amount of good tales that will fell your heart with content .
18-21, F
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Stephenj0896 · 22-25, M
I disagree.
Stephenj0896 · 22-25, M
The World isn't always predictable and different people have different amounts of happy moments.
Pureblossom · 18-21, F
@Stephenj0896: I was talking about the whole world in general . Looking at it from a history book perspective . Not people's lives as individuals .
•There where wars in the past . Wars in the present times and they might even be a world war III in the future . ( hopefully not )
World war or not they most likely will be war bad conflict in the future .
• Then there are other problems like starvation . Something that should have been sorted by now , but still happening . Millions of people dying innocent children suffering .
My point was the same problems we had thousands of years ago we still have . From a global percepective .
Stephenj0896 · 22-25, M
Yes there will all always be war, disease, famine, natural disasters, corrupt Governments.

Happiness is a thing of perspective and yes you can predict there will always be war but really that isn't something that effects the general population unless it's a civil war or a significant one such as WW1 or WW2
ajsk13 · 46-50, M
Just don't listen to the corrupt news media and you will be fine they post a story to pull at your heart strings to cover something up didn't you see the poll 96% of America doesn't believe them anymore
NightGalleries · 22-25, M
Disagree, Life isn't that simple and predictedable.

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