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what do people in relationships talk about ?
like...dont u get worried about running out of stuff to talk about after a while? dont you end up getting bored at some point?
18-21, F
18 replies
Nov 21, 2016
SW User
i wouldnt know i dont really talk to people in general.
LovelyGorilla · 18-21, F
lol same
Tryingtofindabalance · 31-35, M
SW User
thats a lot more than me
Tryingtofindabalance · 31-35, M
Yea pretty normal... but it doesn't always have to be amazing
LovelyGorilla · 18-21, F
Nefarious · 18-21, M
Depends on the relationship.
SW User
I don't like being around people who always have to talk. Silence is better than talking just to talk.
LovelyGorilla · 18-21, F
then whats the point of being with someone if u want silence =-0
SW User
@LovelyGorilla: just because I'm with someone doesn't mean they have to talk all the time.
LovelyGorilla · 18-21, F
yea true
Datdudeblack · 31-35, M
I talk about anything if im comfortable with my partner. Like i'm weird *whispers* super weird lol
My wife and I talk about current news, weather, things of interest, these are always evolving and interesting. We also discuss future plans and describe what we want to do with kids and family etc.

Just don't expect anything, it is OK to go a few days without an active topic, after a while it is like you have one mind and know what the other is thinking before they even speak it.
MasterDvdC · 61-69, M
My late wife and I were together for 20 years. There comes a time in a good relationship that you don't need to talk. Just being together is enough.
firefall · 61-69, M
Well, we have some overlapping interests, and some separate interests to pursue. Sometimes we talk about our separate interests, to keep the other up to date, sometimes about what we do together.
That is the one problem i always seem to have.
They talk about what are we having for dinner

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