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Happy accidents
Do you beileve in them? Ever happened to you?
41-45, M
63 replies
Nov 21, 2016
Edited: 3 yrs ago
NigelDoes · 51-55, M
It's happened to everyone at one time or another dude.
Gallantio · 41-45, M
Finally :)
NigelDoes · 51-55, M
Baby steps bro. You can do this.
Gallantio · 41-45, M
I know I can, nice you adopted that :) Stay open peep ;)
Brooksy · 36-40, M
Gallantio!!! I was just wondering where you've been, so I checked your profile and it looks like we've just been missing each other!

I do believe in happy accidents 🙂
Gallantio · 41-45, M
Brroooksyyyy bro what's up?? Nice to see again man, see this is what a happy accident is :) Hope you doing great?
Brooksy · 36-40, M
I am indeed! I hope the same for you, brotha!!!
Oldsong2 · 22-25, F
I believe in them
Maggimay · 41-45, F
I had a few. But dont know any right now.

I am having a off day 😕
Peaceful · F
I don't believe in happy accidents. Synchronicity is another matter.
Gallantio · 41-45, M
An accident yes, but a happy accident? Like you have no power to design it? Or do you have power on everything... Ok this idea goes to this, is there something called luck?
Peaceful · F
@Gallantio: my responses say there are no accidents.
Gallantio · 41-45, M
Hmm.. I hear a new topic comiiinng :)
Mia123 · 46-50, F
Don't we call it fluke?
Gallantio · 41-45, M
Well now, this makes my question even harder.. I need to think about it haha
Mia123 · 46-50, F
Yea.... its the marvel of what it been a fluke... Not planned ..but .....
Gallantio · 41-45, M
And there are things, you may not know it right away.. But figure that it 'was' a fluke, like years later.. huh?
Ynotjenn · F
My entire life has been a happy accident 🤗
Gallantio · 41-45, M
🤔 That smile is not a good sign.. at all.. Haha
Ynotjenn · F
@Gallantio: better than this one 😈
Gallantio · 41-45, M
I think I prefer the red one.. at least it sets the terms from the start :)

But this 😁.. or this 😜.. or this 😏.. you just don't know what's coming 😂

Let the games begin! 🎺🎺🎺🎺
Inmyownshoes · 36-40, F
Only unhappy ones have ever befallen me
Gallantio · 41-45, M
@Inmyownshoes: yep whatever floats your boat also can sinketh your ship if you dont look after your ship pretty good.
Inmyownshoes · 36-40, F
Hmmm ... I thought we were talking about unhappy accidents...

Next you'll be trying to tell me the titanic really was unsinkable... If only they'd have built it better or avoided the icebergs...
Gallantio · 41-45, M
No.. shit happens.. But it doesn't stop us from sailing again.. Ok enough with metaphors :) If you wanna tell me the whole story, I'd be glad and I will be waiting for you to listen in my inbox.
Meowsolini · 46-50, F
Yes, they have.
Gallantio · 41-45, M
Who are they again?
JustNik · 46-50, F
Life itself always struck me as a happy accident.
Gallantio · 41-45, M
Totally agreed.
Silentspectator · 41-45, F
@-nik- 👍 :)

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