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Are we looking for answers?
Or are we looking for one specific answer that will solve everything?
41-45, M
21 replies
Nov 21, 2016
Maggimay41-45, F
Having A question would be a good start for me. 馃槈
Maggimay41-45, F
@Gallantio: 馃槄
You may have all day, even 2 if you like. Hell. Have a week


Better be a good question after a week though 馃槀馃槈
Gallantio41-45, M
@Maggimay: gee I walked straight into this I know
Maggimay41-45, F
@Gallantio: 馃槀 lol. Right into the wall my friend. You didn't even look up 馃槀馃槈
Who's we ?
Gallantio41-45, M
NigelDoes51-55, M
Some of us are. Some of us are in the gutter, and some of us are looking at the stars, no?

Maggimay41-45, F
Check the hairstyles 馃榾
NigelDoes51-55, M
James Honeymoon Scott (guitarist) and Pete Fardon (bass player) both died of drug overdoes a year apart about 10 months after this was filmed. :-(
Gallantio41-45, M
Beautiful, thank you. I hope they are not pretending ;)
Nunos5056-60, M
Nunos5056-60, M
@Gallantio: it's a Douglas Adams reference. Definitely 42
Gallantio41-45, M
Sorry it was 23.. It's Jim Carrey's movie, definitely 23 :P Who is Douglas Adams? Or you want me to google it
Nunos5056-60, M
@Gallantio: author of hitchhikers guide to the universe
JustNik46-50, F
I always thought it seemed like everyone was looking for a different answer. I'm not really sure there are any.

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