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How do you get rid of a fever fast

SW User
Spin in circles and spew gibberish. Works great for me every time I have the fever.
Sturpin1450 · 31-35, F
Ibprofen 800 mg
Sturpin1450 · 31-35, F
Naproxen, aspirin, and acetimetaphon (tylenol) are all also fever reducers. Don't mix naproxen and ibprofen. U really only need one of these
Acetaminophen and plenty of gateorade/water.
LadyBronte · 56-60, F
Ibuprophen. Ice packs in arm pits and cool cloths on forehead neck.
I used to sweat it out ... like get under a hot blanket , take an paracetemol , have a hot tea and go to sleep ... under the hot blanket I'd sweat a lot ... it used to help

feel good !
Diyanne · F
[c=#003BB2]I take paracetamol. If it doesn't go away in a day or two, I will go to the doc. The antibiotic always helps me. But I cannot get antibiotic without doc's slip.[/c]
Diyanne · F
[c=#BF0080]I hope you get better very soon [b]((((Hugs))))[/b][/c]

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