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The Great Wall of China should be re-named the alright wall of china theres nothing great about it
It goes on for miles and miles but so does route 66
28 replies
Nov 20, 2016
dirtydaddee · 61-69, M
and it doesn't have air conditioning


you have to walk the darn thing
Exactly :)
dirtydaddee · 61-69, M
so it should be the mediocre wall :)
@unclebuckwasagenius: Agreed
They should borrow it to your president
Im british i dont have presidents
@ZiggyStardust: yeah, I saw dat
Rent it*
To who ?
dirtydaddee · 61-69, M
nah, the shipping cost would be prohibitive
@ZiggyStardust: to the one promising walls. I don't wanna use his name, since I'm sick of reading it.
Goldenrainbow · 26-30, F
Thankies :)
Saturn26 · F
And next wall will be trumps great wall
@Venus25: yes he already wants to be the 5th one at mount splashmore
Saturn26 · F
@ZiggyStardust: really
@Venus25: yes
SW User
Nice aesthetic, though, as far as walls go.
Are you sure about that ?
SW User
@ZiggyStardust: Yeah, I kind of like it, all snaky and organic.
SW User
Fun fact about that wall:more people died building it than the number of casualties would have been in case of a war..
SW User
Living in the past really sucked.
SW User
@crossproduct: yeah, every leader was a dictator back in the days..😐
cherokeepatti · 61-69, F
Haha I love Karl
meJess · F
agree you never hear of the great wall of Germany or the great fence of Hungary :)

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