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I feel like dying right now how bout you?
My dad and his girl are downstairs and she's being as quiet as can be yet his voice is the loudest its ever been so I threw something against the wall to get his attention and to make him stop hollering for once. Now he's back down there, not sure what they're talking about now but its whatever
18-21, M
14 replies
Nov 20, 2016
Stop being a pussy.
ManicMicah · 18-21, M
@Dead-Air: At least he shut his damn mouth and gave me a chance to talk to him instead of him acting like a kid screaming because he didn't get his way, making his poor girlfriend cry for no freaking reason, I think I did the right thing getting him off her back.
@TheDarkestZero: At least you stopped it but you do need to grow up and handle things like an adult.
ManicMicah · 18-21, M
@Dead-Air: Like how? I could not get involved, he keeps screaming. I go down and confront him and he screams at me and doesn't stop. I couldn't even face him without fainting from fear
alterlife · 26-30, F
I'm just really cold and tired and I've been thinking a lot. I wanna stop thinking.
coolboy86 · 31-35, M
your dads loud voice gets on your nerves
ManicMicah · 18-21, M
Yes cuz all he's doing is screaming and it makes me terrified of him
coolboy86 · 31-35, M
theres a difference between being scared of him and just being annoyed cause he talks alot
ManicMicah · 18-21, M
@coolboy86: its both its scaring me and getting on my nerves I wanna punch him
Same lol I always feel that way, I think I'm really sick in the head
tnjazz · 61-69, M
been there . Feel for you
SW User
I'm slipping into self-loathing mode. I'm on SW because it always makes me feel like I'm actually normal by comparison lol

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