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Are you afraid of the dark?
There's nothing to be scared of.
41 replies
Nov 18, 2016
taehyun · 18-21, F
Nope. It's comforting.
AcidBurn · F
It's the unknown that people fear. You don't know what might be lurking in the dark.
wudifu · 41-45, M
I am......I saw a shadow move in my living room last night while watching tv......
Oh....yeah. Sorry if I disturbed you last night.
wudifu · 41-45, M
@TheUnknown: it was like a person with something yellow on ...I was watching a suspence thriller and I stood up clenched my fists and walk straight over to where I saw it and there was nothing
SW User
absolutely not!
SW User
@TheUnknown: I need to get caught up at work first...then I will surely tell you.
@DixieChick: I'll be waiting. And if you do message me at some point, don't expect a message right away.
SW User
@TheUnknown: I am eager to tell you too. And I am all too aware of your I promise I will not expect anything.
LachrymoseLamer · 46-50, M
When you're as ugly as me, you're afraid of the light! Hehehe.
SW User
Completely, but only if I'm alone.
Maggimay · 41-45, F
If its pitch black, that i can't see my hand infront of my face.
Very extremely afraid

Dark, under the light of the moon, not so much
SW User
@Maggimay: I got the light...We shall never stumble.
Maggimay · 41-45, F
@DixieChick: one of those head lights?
SW User
@Maggimay: no girl ;)....the true light! :D
wudifu · 41-45, M
do u have a child that every now and then hides around the corner and when u walk by he gives you a fright ........LOL.......I do
wudifu · 41-45, M
@Maggimay: then afterwards he laughs and asks if I got a fright after I almost knocked him out
Maggimay · 41-45, F
@wudifu: pwahahaha bless him. They so cute lol.
wudifu · 41-45, M
they are.......blessings
Vgore0304 · 22-25, F
Nope but I'm scared of getting a. Haircut and getting my hair dyed pink
SW User

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