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Why is there a guy threatening to ddos people on here and he can't even spell that
Like I shouldn't have to try to deal with this just because some skiddy has a booter 馃槖
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Nov 16, 2016
MrBrownstone41-45, M
Wait till he finds out I'm on iPhone and clear history and he won't find shit.馃槀
idk I shouldn't have to pay 5$ a month on a vpn just to use sw 馃槕
This message was deleted by the author of the main post.
idgaf bye
What the hellll did you just say?
I'm not going to explain to you simple concepts of cyber attacks. it's 2016 unless you're 35 plus I've no sympathy
Fair enough. Just tell me what ddos is, and what a booted is? Oh and skiddy too

DDos- Direct Denial of service
Booter - something any fgt can go and rent to DDOS most people
Skid - Script Kid, Dorogatory terms for a wannabe hacker.

I could go into more detail but idgaf
sighmeupforthat41-45, M

he can't do jack and or shit.

don't worry he's not anonymous, SW already knows this.

(i hope.. right? looks around)

his ISP will grant no solace if he pulls any stunts.
Well you say that but getting a booter is really really easy nowadays. so I'm being cautious af now
i wish it wasnt that simple this days, any way you can file a lawsuit to someone if you got prove.

i think
Well that's actually a relief Because I doubt he played very safe
well if you are afraid use a vpn or something like that
I am now I hate having to pay outside of sw just to feel safe on sw 馃槕
Flenflyys26-30, F
Idfk but admin doesn't do anything about it
i think admins cant see your pms unless you give them acces to it
I don't think it's a serious issue. vpns are best for most things anyway. I got mine lifetime as pay what you want for like a dollar or something

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