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What would your ideal bf be like?
Mine would have to enjoy singing duets with me. Yanno all that corny stuff LOL men who would genuinely enjoy that are hard to find.
25 replies
Nov 16, 2016
SW User
pfft. sounds easy to me. I dunno about my ideal. musically diverse. a lil wild.
SailorMarz · F
"pfft. Sounds easy to me." Gasp
SW User
@SailorMarz: oh and almost certainly female. I just assumed we could change that part
SailorMarz · F
@malcontent: yes you could ;) lol
SW User
Like malcontent said... Sounds easy :/
I think my ideal boyfriend would be a girl...
Or Corey Taylor. Both are equally unlikely :(
SailorMarz · F
If i was Corey Taylor i'd date you so hard
SW User
How hard? 😏
Supportive of me, inquisitive, strong headed and unpredictable and uncontrolable 🤓
SailorMarz · F
Bearded. And loves to play with my hair.
@anotherclone: I dunno how to fuck hair.
@anotherclone: Beautiful hair!
anotherclone · 31-35, M
@Pogonophile: you need to learn stuff...never saw any video with a feather n stuff ?
Mine would be a woman.
JarJarBoom · 36-40, F
one that will occasionally listen to me and make eye contact is a plus!
SW User
not happening.
Selah ·
A serious man who washes his sheets regularly & only smiles at me.
SpicyEnchiladas · 22-25, F
lol but you're a lesbian
SailorMarz · F
Fuck off !!! (Ily) lmao you just blew up my notifications
SpicyEnchiladas · 22-25, F
@SailorMarz: I'm blocking you
SailorMarz · F
@PunkTurtIes: wow

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