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I contacted the Vice president because my job told me I have to choose between my new job and my old job 馃槨 this is what I wrote. Should I add anymore

Hello. My name is Emily ****** And I've been working at k&G for about 2 years. I've always been a loyal employee to the company. But I feel I'm being mistreated. I Recently got a second job because I Recently found out I'm still being paid only 10/hr. Everyone at my work is being paid 13 and they claimed it would raise in a month. I brought it up to one of my managers attention. So I'm still sure it has not changed. So because of this. I have a different schedule. I work from 11am til 5 pm. I asked if I could work from 6pm til close which they have done before but they were unhappy and said I had to choose between my new job and this job. It felt like a threat they were going to let me go. I have never been written up once not been suspended. In fact I have been the one keeping the store perfect on ladies. More than recovering. I go out of my way to do The jewelry. The hats. The purses. Displays. Organizing shoes on the side. Including kids. But I feel I'm being taken advantage of. Each manager doesn't do much for the store as they all sit in the office all day on their phone. Except Connie. She is the only one who has been working hard out her way. I feel it is unfair how hard I work and I get paid for little under minimum wage. And when I meantion how I can't work as many hours anymore. And I work on Saturdays. They force me to choose between this job I have to the new one I have. I have never felt so disrespected. Any time I have called off it was for mental health and the hospital. As I have been on more medication. But they guilt Trip me for now showing up when I have a disorder that causes me bleeding from the face. Ok Sunday I had to call off because the bleeding hadnt stopped in 4 hours. And I did not want to hazard any of the products. But I was scorned and spoken down to. This is unacceptable to me. I don't know who to go to. I don't want to say names but one of the managers has been speaking badly behind my back to the employees. It has left me very hurt. I ignore it but when my other coworkers come to me and tell me what they have said to me, it puts my mental health more into distress. Why must I choose to be forced to have one job. We had one coworker. Her name was Andrea. She worked only on Sundays. I have been spoken down for the wrong reasons when I do such an incredible job when I am there. Even when I have worked from 6pm til close. I have always made sure I've put in my very best. But now since I'm not making what everyone else is at my work. I feel excluded. I even clean and sanitize everything. The registers, the hangers, the bathroom, the recliners in the backroom. The fitting rooms. I AM THE ONLY one who makes sure no one gets sick. I am the only one why the store looks so good when customers walk in. My coworker thought it was best I speak to you because he is going through the same situation. But I feel the store needs me. I can provide any images of my condition. And how hard I work at K&G. It's just not fair when the managers are on their phone and then when I want to record or take a picture of how well I've done. I get attacked for it to not have it out when I was feeling so happy with the work I've done. I feel absolutely devestated. I only ask to work from 6pm to close. I cannot work on Saturdays. As I also have therapy every other week after my new job. But since my therapist has been recently promoted I will be be having to see a new therapist. So I do not know if it will also still be Saturdays. BBut since I need more money that is why I took this job. Which requires me on that day. I do not understand since we just recieved new hires that can replace me for that day. I need help. Thank you for listening. I am absolutely terrified of going into work tomorrow. Since I work tomorrow from 11-5. And 5-9. I am forced to tell my new job to let me go early so I can be there. That is why I called if I could come in at 6 today because of that and I got scorned by joene like I betrayed k&G. When I've done so much. I feel so unappreciated. 馃様

And then today Eden took me to the side and said something really offensive to me about; If I'm not compatible at K&G what makes me think I'm going to be compatible at my other job. I couldn't believe he said that to my face but I had to play it off as if it meant nothing. I really like working at K&G but when things like this happen, It makes me lose hope, and motivation. Especially in myself. I feel I have no choice but to reach out. I am very concerned how everything will turn out.
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mysteryespresso Best Comment
I feel it's quite frank, you don't use nice words to make Vice president like you. Could find something nice about her and include in the letter.

I think you can add something like this- Happy employees make better employees, more productive employees. When people are forced to do something against their wish, their quantity and quality of work might decrease and it's not good for a business.
ScarletWitch26-30, F
[@1019539,mysteryespresso] what are u mad about that u deleted two responses. It's all good. It's just a disagreement.
[@386170,ScarletWitch]not mad at all, would never be. The responses were

1. there's one lady I shared honest opinion with her, she is the boss who likes people kiss her ass and she got her ego hurt, she made my life miserable. I learnt to not say brutal truth and sugarcoat things

2. something that might work for you might not work for me. It's good you do not follow people's advise blindly.
Thank you for the best answer [@1019539,mysteryespresso]

DeWayfarer61-69, M
You're repeating yourself in that. Break it up into paragraphs and check the spelling also.

Bbut! Not a word. Also capitalize stuff like "K&G".

Should be sent to Human resources BTW.
ScarletWitch26-30, F
Too late. It is already sent. And sometimes you have to repeat yourself to get a point across because otherwise it doesn't breach as a real concern in my own perspective.
DeWayfarer61-69, M
[@386170,ScarletWitch] Still send it to human resources as well.

VP's are not going to be the ones to read this. It will be some secretary that will ignore it most likely.

If she's not busy perhaps she may or may not forward it. Depends on how busy she is.
ScarletWitch26-30, F
[@412417,DeWayfarer] no I have vp personal phone number my coworker gave it to me today so I can reach out to send it to him.
lonelyandyb36-40, M
I hope you get listened to and they respond with kindness, apologise and maybe compensate you.
Well written

You maintained from start to finish a letter expressing your feelings ... with a very rational argument.

That is the way to best write a letter like that.

Well done

As to the issues, you are experiencing the side effect of urbanism (that people will try and can get away with mistreating others)

Will pray angels carry your letter to the right ears, with the proper tune!

Proud of you
Iamonfire66631-35, F
That was very hard to read with the grammatical errors. I wouldn鈥檛 have put down other employees and managers in your email. Management will not take kindly to that.

I understand you were trying to get your point across but being repetitive is not the way. You need to be clear and concise about your viewpoint.

Do you have it in writing that your wage was supposed to reevaluated after one month?

Do not offer to take pictures, most companies have a policy on taking pictures at work. Even if it only is of products. Before you send an email like this, write it and walk away and then go back and edit it.
ScarletWitch26-30, F
[@10165,Iamonfire666] actually the managers do need to be reported because that is all what they do they sit on their f****** asses all day and just sit in the office and make the rest of everybody else do work while they get paid extra money to do nothing they should definitely be called out on. Believe me when I went into work today the managers gave me the death glare.
Iamonfire66631-35, F
[@386170,ScarletWitch] the way you did it was not professional. I hope everything works out for you.
ScarletWitch26-30, F
[@10165,Iamonfire666] again we both have disagreements cuz I talked to the boss's boss and she told me what I wrote was very professional I mean I guess your opinion is completely different than hers and how she saw it in her own eyes so yeah.
WalkingLoner22-25, M
Very good. I have done stuff like this too. When you are not given your fair share, be in terms of money or appreciation or respect, you call them out, doesn't matter who they are. Everyone is responsible.

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