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Don’t you hate it when one of your friends tries to get you to be friends with someone you don’t like it don’t want to reconcile?

My friend told me she knows my old friend (the one that removed me from Facebook) without a warning and she said that I should talk to her and she REALLY REALLY MISSES ME! She said that she saw her the other day and she said that she wants me to call her be because she wants to talk to me. Oh god! My heart is racing and I am anxious. She gave me her number so call her. She said I can’t keep running away and I’m going to have to face her sometimes. I’m glad she didn’t give her my number because I would’ve been more pissed. I hate when this happens!!! Ugh!!!!! There’s no way out! I hate with my friends do this to me and try to get me to talk to the ones I barely talk to you anymore. Told her that we grew apart but she said that even though that we did we should at least have some connection and this girl really really misses you and you’ve been one of the best friends she’s ever had even though you had ups and downs.
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eyeno · M
Just saying..,
It'll be awkward for you, just let it go and maybe she'll get the hint.

It's done time to move on..,

DizzyLizzy94 · 26-30, F
[@1150425,eyeno] yeah that’s what I’m trying to tell her but she won’t listen. She got upset and told me off. She said, “Ugh!!! Will you quit being stubborn and just fucking talk to her already?! She WANTS TO TALK TO YOU. The least you can do is hear her out and see what she has to say! She WANTS TO TALK TO YOU.
eyeno · M
[@1023345,DizzyLizzy94] Nope, Nada...though you've probably forgiven her, moved on and let it slide.

What's so important that she needs to talk to you after all that time. Is she sick and dying?

If it's that urgent, have your mutual friend take the message and then you can decide whether to respond back or not.

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