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Was it really funny or weird? Has something similar happened with you too?

Back in 2016, when I was in 11th grade I was crazy. Actually you wouldn't believe it but our 11th grade classroom was actually in the same building where there are the kindergarten classrooms. Yes our school was unique. There were no empty classrooms available for 11th grade so they chose the classroom on the 1st floor of the building which is full of kindergarten classrooms. Whats even crazy was that at the 2nd floor there were 9th and 10th grade classrooms just above the kindergarten classrooms. So during break time in school I used to go near the staircase and sing rock songs loudly to the 9th and 10th grade boys as I was really popular among my juniors. I used to literally scream and jump around sing Craaawwwlliiing in myyy skiiin or You try to take best of me go away from the song A Place for my head by Linkin Park. But someone used to not be happy. In front of the staircase there was a kindergarten classroom and the teacher used to look angrily at me and scold me and tell me to go near her to get scolded by her. I used to run fast to my classroom. She has also scolded other boys of our class as most boys of my class were childish too but she used to target me most as I used to run around in corridor either with the 9th graders or boys from my class making lots of noises which used to disturb her class. So she used to often look angrily at me and call me to scold me but always I used to run away to classroom. At times she used to come to my classroom too and I used to hide behind the benches and she used to say others to tell me not to run around in the corridor or else she would complain to Principal. She definitely looked scary too when angry. Even my class boy Kaushik too told that she looks really scary and told me 'you will get rid of her after few months when we enter 12th grade as we will get a different classroom'. Once she even complained my class teacher and I got bad scoldings too. Those days were honestly very crazy.
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