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I will share something really funny I have done which made someone a bit embarrassed.

Back in 2017, when I was in 12th grade, there was a boy named Subhadeep who was my junior in 11th grade. He was deeply in love with a girl in his grade but she was a commerce student whereas he was a science student. They have been in relationship since they were in 9th grade. Its crazy how they especially Subhadeep had already planned that he would marry her in future. Many including me have seen them giving flying kisses to each other before going home. One day after school hours, one day I saw Subhadeep and that girl flirting with each other and walking around on the school ground. After she went to her bus, I was staring at Subhadeep and laughing at him. He felt a bit embarrassed and tried to chase me off by coming fast and a bit angrily towards me. But there was a fence separating us so I continued laughing at him and gave some expressions which usually boys give to another boy who has a crush or girlfriend. Then Subhadeep literally took a big stone to scare me off. I decided to leave him alone and walked away to home and still gave some stares at him and laughing while walking hahahaha.
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