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"If you're a Trump voter who is tired of being called a bigot, if you say you voted for him based on gun rights or economic issues, or because you think Hillary really was that awful, and in spite of his rhetoric, rather than because of it, I believe you. If you're in my life, I clearly don't think you're a vile hateful person. But if you're now watching protests across the country and you don't understand why, or think they are just being sore losers, let me break something down for you. These people aren't just angry or sad that someone they didn't support won the election, they're scared.
They're black Americans who hear talk of law and order and remember a racially charged stop and frisk program, or see an emboldened KKK holding a celebratory parade.

They're Muslim Americans who worry that spitting in their face is now okay and violations of their rights to assemble and their rights to privacy are about to come.

They're LGBT Americans who fear not just of the loss of marriage rights or restaurants gaining the right not to serve them, but of an administration that thinks it's more important to research electrocuting the gay out of them than AIDS.

They're Hispanic and Latino Americans who are scared their children will be bullied in schools, and their families ripped apart while their culture is mocked.

They're women who are wondering if we've normalized groping, and if their career endeavors will be judged by their face and body, and not their minds

I believe you when you say you didn't vote for any of these things. Most of America wasn't thrilled with the choices we had in this election. But If you didn't know that this is why they're protesting, if you think it's really just about free tuition or more government giveaways, then you, like the elite liberals you love to castigate, have also not been listening. If you're tired of being called a bigot, then you need to use the same voice you used on Tuesday and speak out against these things fully and clearly. It's not enough that you didn't say them yourself. You need to reassure your friends and family members who feel like they no longer have a seat at the table that you still stand with them, even if your priorities were different on Tuesday. If you aren't willing to do that, then you have no right to call for unity." - Michael Rex
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Nov 12, 2016
wyolatex · 36-40, M
This is a great breakdown of the protests.
SW User
I don't believe the ones who say they're voting for him based on economic issues and gun rights.
Xuan12 · 26-30, M
@TexChik: Right, the cheating that the GOP is sure is there but can't quite ever find. Golly, you're even whining about cheating after he won. Do you ever stop complaining? Feel free to blow our minds with the earthshaking proof of mass scale voter fraud any time. How many cases will the good old blood hounds find this year? Might be as high as 10 out of over 120million!
TexChik · 36-40, F
@Xuan12: yeah the cheating ... even your president was all for it .
Xuan12 · 26-30, M
@TexChik: Referring to the "illegal aliens" clip? Try actually watching it. It's pretty clear that it refers to legal citizens who have undocumented relatives. Since voting is done anonymously, they don't need to fear for their relatives if they vote. They themselves legal citizens after all.
Well said! I am 100 % agree with you! I couldn´t describe it better! ☺
Fernie · F
@Loretta78: you've expressed yourself perfectly
@Fernie: Thanks! ;-)
Fernie · F
@Loretta78: thank YOU!!
Very well said, thanks for sharing this, Fernie. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Fernie · F
no...thank YOU for being awake and aware of the truth
Caine · 18-21, M
This was a really well-said speech, and totally true. A lot of Trump supporters didn't vote for any of the things he stands for, because they're unaware and haven't been listening to anything going on. As a gay guy, yeah, I'm terrified of losing my rights to a marriage, or just getting bashed and beaten if I walk outside holding hands with a boy I like. I didn't vote for Trump. I'm not a sore loser though. I won't leave the country, I won't riot in the streets. But I'm still scared. This doesn't feel like a safe place anymore.
Fernie · F
@TheDarkestZero: you have a defeatist attitude. I come from a time when we DID go to the white house and scream for our human rights. Perhaps you should research your own life as a Gay person. Get some history on the subject so you WILL know what to do
Caine · 18-21, M
@Fernie: ..? You're being even more confusing. How does an eighteen year old boy who can't get a job to hire him, who has no means of transportation, who has social anxiety that makes me want to does someone like that contribute to ANY of this??? I don't know any gay people. I can't just go on the street yelling, "IF YOU'RE GAY SAY 'I'!!! I will stand by you! Let's march to the White House and demand our rights!" Um. No...that can't happen. You act like you can walk out the door, immediately find supporters, and do something about this situation right away. How?
TexChik · 36-40, F
Nobody gives a shit
About your gay marriage ...on of Trumps insiders is gay... get over yourself ... it's no big deal
nedkelly · M
A bigot who does not have the same view as another person - so in other words that person is also a bigot
Fernie · F
a bigot is a bigot....there is nothing else to say or try to figure out...bigotry is pure ignorance
TexChik · 36-40, F
@Fernie: you are the epitome of pure ignorance and bigotry. Trump wants criminal illegals out of the US , he wants Muslims from terrorist nations vetted before they come in... they can't be vetted at the moment , so they stay out . He's no bigot , he just doesn't take any liberal crap...
Trump was an entertainer who said anything to get himself elected. The masses are it up. You cannot blame him for all of these individuals actions just like I don't blame Hillary for the "riots."

People won't put up with this. Trump isn't president yet but once he is, he will tell these fools to grow up. I guarantee it.
Peaches · F
@TexChik: Ya sure got that right, no one could argue this point! 😉☮ Have a groovy Sunday.
TexChik · 36-40, F
@Kindheartedguy: what are you talking about ? The markets are the highest in 5 years, Russia ,Syria, and china want peace and prosperity with the US/ Trump. Imagine the repeal of obama care , the cancellation of obama executive orders ... the dissolution of the corrupt payments to the UN... energy independence ... it's going to be an amazing 2 years coming up
Pinkrainbowkisses · 36-40, F
[c=#BF0080]I'm not against them protesting.. it's their right. I have a problem with the ones that are acting like caged animals by vandalising, flag burning and violence towards ones who didn't vote their way.. those are the ones who I say are throwing ten-trum tantrums. America isn't going to get anywhere with that kind of negativity. [/c]
Fernie · F
so am I! There is always a criminal element in crowds. Anyone with a brain gets that and won't dismiss the people who are there to make a serious point.
TexChik · 36-40, F
SW User
I agree with almost half of this aside from you saying they weren't aware of these things. Thats impossible when Trump made a point of degrading women, threatening minorities and everything else. So maybe not all voted because he stood for such things but unless they never watched a single debate then there's no way they voted unaware of his perpetual hate, bigotry and intolerance. Sorry.
Fernie · F
awareness means that you see the truth. Many people who voted for this demon voted for him not hearing or understanding the impact of his words, his behaviors and feelings regarding others who are not him. He will not help them. They live in a bubble of denial and ignorance
SW User
I don't see though how that could be. I just don't. It's blantaly clear. Right there in their fucking face. He doesn't exactly hide it.
TexChik · 36-40, F
That's just BS. Trump exposed the left's ignoring immigration law to get more votes by planning amnesty for all the illegals they could pack in. Trump just said what everyone was thinking ... they were rapists, drug dealers, human traffickers , and criminal discards... and obama had established immunity for them in sanctuary cities and by ordering the border patrol back 5 miles ... flagrant treachery of a traitor . Tards wouldn't pass Kate's law... trump was right , he exposed it, so libs call him a racist to try and cover it up. As for women trump isn't a politician ... he speaks his mind ... Billy boy raped is fair share with libtard indifference ... the hipocrisy of the left on display . He's no bigot , he hires women and gays and minorities in top
Positions in his companies and his administration ... Hus campaign manager for example . 🙄Tards
Supporting Trump proves your desire for racist policies or apathy concerning them. IMO, both are racism.
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